Shadowlight Hold

The Shadi Capitol, located primarily underground as a means of hiding it from the bulk of the world. Shadowlight Hold is known as a safe haven to tens of thousands refugees, offered protection from the effects of the war by mercenaries, thieves, and assassins.   Shadowlight Hold exists in a delicate balance, a fuzzy legal line protecting civilians from the dark work the Shadi Agents perform. Ultimately, any disputes that cannot be settled between selves are settled by the Agents stationed in each district, and any appeals reach the Shadi Supreme. Executions are an exceptionally rare form of punishment among the Shadi, with banishment being the most common.  


Shadowlight Hold is built into a massive, naturally-occuring sinkhole roughly a mile wide. Walkways and staircases have been built into the walls of the cavern walls, connecting the homes and shops that have been hollowed out of the stone. The only freestanding building in Shadowlight Hold is the Contract Hall, built on a grand stalagmite the Shadis removed the top from to create a flat platform. The Contract Hall is connected to the rest of the city with rope bridges that connect to level 24.   With roughly fofty levels making up the entire city, Shadowlight Hold has begun to reach its maximum capacity, but the ongoing war leaves no shortage of refugees in need of safety. Because of this, the Shadi Supreme has ordered construction to begin on the forty-first through fiftieth levels.  
Shadowlight Hold Base Map Image
by Ynix via Inkarnate

Wealth and Hunger

Shadowlight Hold relies on its outlying towns for resources such as food, and these resources are meant to be distributed among the refugees first, however, corruption and an influx of former agents who made their wealth completing contracts has resulting in much of the food, clothing, and shelter being given primarily to the wealthy. The refugees scramble and fight over what's left, and a resentment towards the Shadi Supreme for abandoning them has begun to stir.   These wealthy former agents have positioned themselves so their hands are clean of suspicion, and many spend their retirement training for the Aljexin Trials and to take up the mantle of Supreme.  

Assassination and Betrayal

Contract 95641
Posted by Anonymous
Reward: 250.000gp
Everyone knows the Supreme has neglected the refugees they've sworn to protect. Maybe it's time for a change of leadership, but their rumored Immortality and prowess with a blade makes this complicated. Find a way to dispose of them permenantly and be rewarded hansomly for your trouble. A new Aljexin Trial shall determine who is best fit to replace them. No need to be discrete about it, we have the support of the masses in this.
The current Supreme is well aware of the bounty on their head, and have beaten back multiple assassination attempts as they travel Estya. A few have been successful, however their Immortality has granted them the ability to resurrect, and they are quick to root out and deal with the assassin themself.   While they have attempted to uncover the source of this treachery and corruption, they have only been able to determine that the perpetrator must be a high-ranking Shadi themselves, in order to have so masterfully hidden from the gaze of the Supreme.  
Shadowlight Hold by Ynix via Artbreeder
Travelers seeking Shadowlight Hold will only found carefully cut trees to form the shape of a citadel. A Shadi Agent is required to find its real location.
Shadi Emblem by Ynix
Founding Date
Folatia 25
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Contract 65471
Contract 65471
Posted by Anonymous
Reward: 250gp
For anyone looking to make some pocket change, I need a favor. Demons have been spotted across Estya of late, and I need one of their hearts. I'm hoping to discern why they have come to our world.
P.S. Don't expect cutting its heart out to kill it.

Are you fucking serious?
  Contract 95725
Contract 95725
Posted by Anonymous
Reward: 150.000gp
Within the remnants of the Ebonblade, is the last Light Sorceress worth a damn. The Demons are here for her, and they won't stop until she's dead. If you want to be the uncontested Hero of Estya, take her out of the picture permeneantly. If not, there's 150.000 gold in it for you.
I look forward to hearing of her demise.



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