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Contract Hall

The Contract Hall lies at the heart of the Shadi Hideout, on a large stalagmite where the top was removed to create a platform surrounded by the city itself built into the cave. It is directly across from the office of the Shadi Supreme, and is where anyone can submit a contract and reward for a job.   Lining the walls of the Contract Hall are haphazardly bullitins written in Second-Speak splattered across the walls. An agent looking to complete one does not remove the bullitin, merely copies it down in their own code, lest they die trying to complete the job.   Very few Shadis are actually active mercenaries that take these jobs, and so they have been allowed to pile up. Most opt for staying either within the city itself or in their homeland and quietly informing the proper Shadi authorities about anything notable that has occured.   Depending on who you talk to, the Contract Hall is either a representation of everything wrong with the Shadi Order (the willingness to accpet unsavory or outright criminal contracts) or everything that is what makes them great (contracts to topple corrupt leaders are especially popular, and not only for the good pay.)

Purpose / Function

The primary purpose of the Contract Hall is to facilitate matching agents looking for work with a contract that suits their preferences. A volunteer Shadi, usually a civilian, takes in new contracts, writes them up, and adds them to the walls. They also log the contract in a book that has been enchanted so they can quickly find what they need by simply thinking about it.


Multiple half-walls have been errected in the hallway to make room for additional contracts, and have allowed a group of volunteers to organize the contracts by type (espionage, sabotague, escort, protection, extortion, piracy, etc.)


As one of the few standalone buildings in the Shadi base, the Contract Hall is modeled after early Folatia Empire architecture as an ode to the original founders of the Order.
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