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Demons are the ultimate manifestation of Dark Magic, and are the ultimate fate for Dark Sorcerers across Estya after their death. They are known for being violent and aggressive towards Estyans, though few have bothered to consider any degree of intelligence behind their trademark white or red eyes.   While Demons are not innately aggressive and violent, centuries of persecution and injustice against Dark Sorcerers have led to many dying violent, painful deaths, and that anger is channeled into their Demon form. Just like Estyans, some Demons can be spoken to and reasoned with, while others are lost in the rage and need to revenge against those who wronged them.   Most Demons will seek out specific targets, typically the one who condemned or murdered them, and hunt them indefinitely, until their rage is quelled. But some, upon finding themselves back in their home of Estya, will simply try to seek out those that loved and cherished them in life.   Unfortunately, Estyans as a whole know very little about Demons, and this pursuit of belonging typically ends in tragedy.  

Inescapable Death

Just like Immortals, Demons can die, however they will be reborn some time later, with the same Estyan soul inhabiting it. Though, with their infinite lifespan, the constant cycle of seeking either revenge or peace, and being killed for it, will drive most of them into a depression or to an even deeper, more primal rage.

Basic Information


Demons have no definite structure or anatomy, though the most common type is a Canine Demon, which looks very close to a normal wolf, with an extreme conrtrast to the fur color and size.   There are 4 Demon forms that have been observed, as well as various hybrids and theories about what causes an Estyan soul to develop this demon form.
  • Canine - expresses spiritual rage
  • Feline - expresses spiritual fear
  • Reptilian - expresses spiritual joy
  • Aerial - expresses spirutyal grief

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Demons are typically concentrated within Gehenna and remain there, however during the late Menarn Era in Estya, some demons were spotted, having escaped to the mortal world. The Denema Era saw the largest migration of demons to the mortal world in history, and as an invasive species, they nearly wiped out Estyans entirely.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Demons can understand any language their soul understood in life, and to the same proficiency, and they can learn more as demons, though they are limited in the languages they can speak, depending on the Demon form.

Common Myths and Legends

Demons are primarily spoken of in Estyan mythos as the agents of the Cult of Gehenna or of the Gehennan Queen herself, Nicaja.   They are often portrayed as mindless beasts that seek Estyan blood and little else, though valuable research done in the years leading up to and during the Denema Era have helped reveal more about their multidimensional personalities and intelligent thoughts.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Estyan Death
Conservation Status
Actively Hunted
Geographic Distribution


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