Messenger of the Supreme

Generally considered the Shadi Supreme's most trusted advisor, the messenger's primary task is delivering declarations and messages from the Supreme to their intended recipients. However, recent Supremes have taken to asking the Messenger for their thoughts and advice on certain issues, including classified information.   The result is a highly coveted position among the Shadi that most outside of the Order see as expendable.


While historically, anyone could apply to become the messanger to the supreme, the past few decades have seen those qualifications shifting more and more towards the inner circle or close friends that the Supreme believes they can trust most.


The Messenger can only be appointed by the Shadi Supreme themselves. The Supreme typically seeks the approval of the Supreme Council, however it is not necessary.


The Messenger must not only make announcements on behalf of the Supreme, but also run messages from the Supreme to their intended recipents within Shadi territory. They are not asked to leave the safety of the Shadi borders.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Messenger of the Supreme gets a badge that denotes their rank as being equal to the Supreme Council members. It grants them access to any part of Shadowlight Hold they need, and in the event they meet resistence, they carry a missive from the Supreme themself granting them this same access. They are advised to report any defiance or resistance to the Supreme directly, though this behavior is typically ended after the Supreme warns the offending party.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Messengers can be appointed and dismissed at the whim of the Supreme, however, the Supreme typically gives grounds for the dismissal of a messenger. For most Supremes, outright treason or betrayal is what causes them to dismiss a messenger, as the close relationship between them makes treacherous behavor cut even deeper.
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