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Magefire Operators

The Sons of Sirn are particularly known for their collaboration with the Sanguine Order for their work on the Spellburn Repeater. This item is the synthesis between the Sons' desire for efficiency and the Order's desire for magical supremacy. To this effect, they have worked to form one of few cross-organizational units in the empire known colloquially as the Magefire Operators.   Their namesake comes from the semi-automatic magical rifles that the Order has crafted specifically for conducting special operations in the interest of the Empire. Only the best of the Sons of Sirn's operators are eligible to join the ranks of the Operators.



As a special operations organization, the Magefire Operators tend to organize in very small groups of 2-5 riflemen with one member of the Sanguine Order accompanying to maintain and support the group. Typically, a group captain leads and reports into central command.   The Sanguine Order Sustainer is essential to conduct the stabilization ritual required to ensure stability of the extrplanar munitions. This wizard is specialized in wards and elemental energy and is dangerous in combat alongside the Operators.     Magefire Operator - 4hp ; 3atk, extra attack   Sanguine Order Sustainer - 4hp ; 2 atk 5AP Abilities: -Shield -Reflect -Sense Magic -Clap -Blink -Force FIeld Shield Sense Magic


Operators are equipped with padded leather armor and hooded cloaks. As they operate outside of most formal Legionary or Sons of Sirn business, they tend to be indistinguishable from travellers until they make themselves known.


The group's main weapon is the Magefire Repeater. This riflelike weapon is forged from fine Martroskian steel and an exotic wood species from the heartland of the Southern Empire, the repeater is capable of firing unstable arcane energies from its barrel. It is loaded using cartidges of extraplanar crystals that must be routinely stablized through arcane means. - Magefire Repeater - 3 dmg; extra attack: The magefire repeater must be reloaded with stabilized extraplanar cells. Cells have a 20% chance to destabilize per day, starting from the day after they have gone without undergoing the stabilization ritual. Munitions that destabilize discharge for 3 damage (they do not cause chain reactions). The rifle itself is silent, but unleashes a powerful magical charge upon impact that destabilizes the matter it hits. Stabilization (2AP): Speak words of power that strengthen the aetherial bonds between the worlds. For the next day, items of your choosing are unable to travel between the bonds of the multiverse. While potent in combat with their rifles, operators are also skilled melee combatants with their twin gladiuses.


Since the Magefire Operators are entrusted with 'sensitive' business of the Sons of Sirn (or the Empire), they tend to conduct their business with vicious efficiency. Ambushes are most common, with one operator drawing out their mark to a position where the remaining operators can make the most use of their signature weapon.


The operators themselves undergo several years of training in marksmanship and arcana training above the typical training rank-and-file members of the Sons of Sirn undergo.
Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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