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The Swarm

"Some might liken the Swarm's cascade of arrows to a rain of hellfire, but I'd argue that being caught on end of the Swarm is a far worse fate. Something about their technique is so fueled with the rage of independence... and that frustration is channeled into their unparalleled shot."   -Nicolás Severnia, Chaelwyth's Rex Arcan during Bina'nahr's bid for independence in CY 1410



The Swarm is an elite force of twenty-four Human Rangers whose prowess with a bow and arrow is unparalleled by any Uthilithian. All are considered of equal political standing, and due to the inherent meritocracy of Bina'nahr. As Bina'nahr is a matriarchal society, the majority of the Swarm is comprised of women.


The Swarm is equipped with a set of twenty-four identical magical longbows that have been passed on between members since its first iteration in CY 1410, crafted by the Master of Magic (specifically Necromancy) of that era. Not only are all shots from the bow magically imbued with necrotic energy, but they possess magicks that cause them to be far more true in their aim than any other bow in the Material.   Their arrows, although not heirloom items in the way their bows are, possess a similar degree of magical power. Every year, the Swarm commissions the finest Chaelen fletchers and the finest Hressian Artificers to augment these arrows. This initial supply will last the Swarm the entire calendar year.
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