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Haverthorn's Ballistae

The Haverthorn's Ballistae are a miniaturization of the massive ship-borne ballistae used by navies across Elsinya.  It specializes in hurling the massive Firestorm Arrow hundreds of feet via a massive steel bow and a complex series of gears and pulleys.



Each ballista usually requires a crew of four to operate effectively if the ballistae is in a fixed position.  For mobile ballistae crew in excess of 10 can be required to move the ballistae.


The weapon for which this military unit is named is the centerpiece of this unit.  The massive Haverthorn's ballista is 6 feet tall, 12 feet long, and it's large bow stretches 6 feet in width.  The bow of the ballista is usually composed of a highly refined steel.  The throwing mechanism is further enhanced with a series of gears and pullies that assist in hurling the bolt.  The base of the ballista is comprised of four large steel wheels.  The suspension atop these wheels is built of wood with steel reinforcements as well as large springs.  This is put under enormous stress when the ballista fires.  Often times the entire device can buck backward several feet unless heavily secured.   The second part of the Haverthorn Ballista is its ammunition, the Firestorm Arrow.  These massive 6 foot long, black iron bolts are one of the few ancient devices whose construction has survived into the 4th age.  These bolts are infused with arcane heat through a series of runes.  These bolts explode upon impact in a massive blast and torrent of flame.  As such the ballistae cannot usually be used in close support of troops.


A common tactic employed for the Orvulian military is to use these mobile ballistae as medium ranged artillery.  They will commonly be set up on hilltops that look over the battlefield.  From there they will fire upon the archers and other artillery.  Some units of the Orvulian military heavily coordinate with their Haverthorne Ballistae, with the mainline force pulling back suddenly, whereupon the ballistae will simultaneously fire upon the enemy line.


Each ballista is commanded by an individual known as the 'Artillerist', this individual is in charge of the firing of the device, and overseeing the entire crew.  Each ballista also has a crew member usually called the 'Hot Iron'.  This person cares for the Firestorm Arrows, the main ammunition, they are in charge of loading the massive bolts, and for priming the arrows before they fire.  These two roles are always found on Haverthorne Ballistae, the remaining crew are all trained on the device, but are usually pulled from common soldiers.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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