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11 Marias, 2378

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Elsinya is a world defined by destruction. The history of the vast world has been marked by events that have brought civilizations low. The world constantly shifts in a balance between the arcane and the mundane. Every few hundred years reality tears itself apart and the world is flooded with magic, droughts of magic stretch between these events.   Currently, it was been over a millennium since the last rupture, with civilization still recovering from an even more destructive disaster. Some whisper that the last rupture has finally come and the gods will finally return to Elsinya. Others however fear that the long pause is a prelude to the final destruction. This long pause has lead to the rise of great powers that have grown fat and lazy. Around the fires of distant inns, dissent flows in hushed conversations. The roads are dangerous, the cities grow hostile, beasts and monstrosities stir from their long slumbers.   The ages are changing as the world stirs. The world will quake, not from the forces of nature and gods. But from those who have planned.       This world draws from D&D 5e and Song of Swords. It is intended for my own campaign usage.

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