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Gregoreich Jaegers

Jaegers are an elite special forces unit in the Gregoreich Military, specializing in covert operations such as assassination, espionage, and infiltration. Known for their wolf-like helmets and wide array of weaponry and equipment, Jaegers are dispatched to the most difficult and sensitive missions.



Jaegers are relatively few in number, but their skill far outweighs their manpower.


Jaegers are one of the few Gregoreich units that is permitted to customize their equipment to their liking. That being said, all Jaegers are issued a lightly armored leather uniform, a dagger, and the iconic wolf-shaped helmet. While these three pieces are standard, the Jaegers are free to customize these items as well as add to their kit as they see fit.


All Jeagers are equipped with a specialized dagger to be kept at all times, so that they are always armed. Besides that, Jeagers are also granted access to a wide array of other weapons that are unavailable to the rest of the military. These weapons include advanced sniper rifles, pistols, and shotguns, as well as quieter weapons such as bows.


Jeagers are expected to operate as quickly and quietly as possible, and are therefore not assigned vehicles. However, Jeagers are sometimes transported a short distance from their target on airships, which the Jeagers then dive off of to infiltrate their targets from above.


Jaeger fireteams are made up of four Jeagers, each specializing in a different field. The fireteam makeup usually consists of a long-distance marksman, an explosives operator, a melee specialist, and a mage. Any one of these specialists can be assigned the role of Alpha, the fireteam commander.


Jaegers are trained in a wide variety of tactics fit for any number of scenarios. Their primary strategy relies on silent infiltration and elimination of targets. Casualties, even enemies, are kept to an absolute minimum in order to avoid detection.
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