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The Drunken Archers of ebrius est

Once they where monks but after the ember empire attacked their monastary, the monks took up arms and became a group that are now known as the drunken archers. Unlike their name might suggest, the drunken archers are immune to getting drunk. They have developed a might strong alcohol over the years in hopes of achieving a drunken state again. During the first attack of the ember empire, the monks drenched their arrows in this strong alcohol. The result was rather unexpected. The monks hoped that by using the alcohol they could ignite the arrows and shoot flaming arrows but because of a strong storm during the attack the fire kept being blown out. When the monks fired their arrows and hit their target, the enemy became drunk within a matter of seconds. The ember army, as drunk as a lord after a party, was unable to fight and decided to call of their attack. The next morning the monks where able to enter the enemy camp and steal all their weapons as the army had a terrible hangover. After this embarrissing loss the army retreated and the war was over.   These days the drunken archers can be hired as mercenaries, giving whoever side they fight on a huge advantage. Some of the archers have gone off and begin their own adventure, joining other adventurers. But no matter what they do or where they are, they will always be bound by the sacred oath of the drunken archers.   "We the monks of ebrius est shall protect those who can't protect themself, shall fight the evil that haunts the lands and shall always offer our aid to those who are willing to pay. But above all else we shall always keep searching for that drink that will break our terrible curse"     I once thought i found it. Turned out a hag had put some sleeping potion in my drink. Imagine my disappointment when i woke up. -Arthur, the drunken archer of ebrius est

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Jan 21, 2021 10:40

Cool idea! ( Very funny after all... alcohol arrows? What was your inspiration? Genius!)

Mar 4, 2021 19:36 by Sjors Farla

Thank you. My inspiration was a discussion i had with a friend maybe 2 weeks earlier. He said that a great way of robbing a bank is making all the people so drunk they dont remember anything. Which ofcourse is a stupid plan. When i saw the prompt i thought about that ridiculous conversation and the drunken archers were born.