Genecan Dragoon

The year is 435 P.D. The continent of Geneca has been scored along the belly and split down the helm. The namesake nation's sovereignty is threatened by the conflicts of the upstart rebels of Harrick's Rise in the Malomus province and the waning superpower of the Tnnil Empire. The deadly Woedrakk Desert keeps Geneca separated from the skirmishes. As more territory is disputed, Geneca realizes its backfooted position.   Their solution is simple: send in the Dragoons.



Single Unit - Dragoon Five-Man Squad - Wrymband Ten-Man Squad (Standard) - Clutch Ten Clutches - Hoard Ten Hoards - Dragonflight Ten Dragonflights - Thunder   10000 Dragoons exactly operate at any given time.


Each Dragoon receives the following within a standard kit:
  • Genecan Ferroblitz Plate Armor. Specially crafted. Metal-plated armor with an electric blue hue. Comes with a full-helm that is meant to conceal the face and increase unit cohesion. 
  • Genecan Rapid Response Healing Kit. These advanced first-aid kits contain compounds and sutures that can bind life-threatening wounds in an instant (much like a cure wounds).
  • Genecan Survivalism Kit. This kit contains a Genecan field guide, matches, fuel, flint and tinder, knife, hammer, water purification tables, 5 rushlight torches, a whistle collapsible fishing equipment, garbage bags, pliers, a pencil, paper, tweezers, a small collapsible sitting stool, an inflatable raft, duct tape, 50 sq. ft. of tarp, and a can opener.
  • Genecan Wayfinders. Finely made and reliable binoculars.
  • Genecan Dragoon Coat. A thick garment made of dyed blue leather, stuffed with goose feathers, and lined with mink fur. Soldiers often wear these in place of their armor in civilized areas.
  • Genecan Trench Shovel. A collapsible field shovel with a cutting edge, multi-purpose tool.
  • x50 Dragoncharge Bullets. Bullets which has been breathed on by a blue dragon's lightning breath. Refillable through merit and deeds.
  • x3000 Rifle Bullets. Standard issue. Refillable each month.
  • Canteen.
  • Gas mask.
  • Goggles.
Officers may have:
  • Genecan Dragoon Officer Coat. A more ornate garment with golden epaulets and golden trim down the center. A metallic kite-shield shaped badge depicting the Geneca coat-of-arms is visible at the front.
  • Genecan Antimagic Siphon. A deployable tripod device that emits a field of antimagic in a radius of 50 ft.
  • Genecan Quick-Mount. Often carried in supply lines or given to a soldier to carry, these hunk of machinery can be assembled in 10 minutes. A spool within the machine can be wound for 5 minutes to create a steel automaton warhorse. The warhorse is operational for an hour-- after which point it must be wound again.
Scouts may carry:
  • Genecan Far-Gazers. These are high-powered binoculars that have elements of wiring and machinery inside. Not only can they see longer, zoom smoother, and have anti-shake measures-- they are able to be used as night-vision goggles.


TO-1441 "Thunder Bolter" Rifle.    The Thunder Bolter could get an article of its own. In Geneca the armament has achieved a type of 'celebrity status' among the populace. In many of the most respected households of the nation one can find a used TO-1441 proudly displayed above the hearth, probably belonging to a respected family veteran of the Dragoons. Each is an art-piece in its own right, beautiful etched and carved in both the barrel and stock. These etchings are draconic in nature, and often take the form of a dragon whose tail starts at the bottom of the stock and continues up to the screaming maw at the point of the barrel.    Though their plate armor and builds may suggest otherwise, the Dragoons are, above all else, a ranged unit first and a melee unit second. They are respected and feared across the Genecan continent for their sniping ability. Rumor says a Dragoon can snipe the first ant coming out of its hill from 300 yards. These rumors, while drastically exaggerated, hold a modicum of truth. The Thunder Bolter is perhaps the most stable and straight-shooting rifle in Sonnerand.    Dragoon Halberds.    The halberd is an extremely difficult weapon to gain mastery in. Dragoon Halberds provide the forward moment and weighted end of a spear with the flattened cutting edge of an axe. These halberds have a shaft of navy blue extending up to the gleaming steel tips. The axe-head of the halberd looks like a spoken wheel, hollowed out in many places; this is in an effort to make the weapon lighter and more maneuverable.    Drakeroar Cannon.    On larger military excursions that see the deployment and mobilization of clutches or hoards, some are equipped with a Drakeroar Cannon. Like the name suggests, this is a cannon that emulates the roar of a dragon. It works on pseudomagical principles, but is ultimately tolerated by Geneca because it gains this property by sitting in a Woedrakk Dragon's hoard for months on end. The exchange of these cannons is a closely guarded secret by Geneca, with the  exchange locations often going through layers of encryption, double meanings, and double agents between parties. The Dragoons appoint a specialized officer "The Liaison" to be the diplomatic facilitator of these exchanges.   On the battlefield, the cannon has two effects. The first is psychological. The sound of the cannon firing is truly evocative of a dragon and an obvious tool to demoralize the enemy. The second is physical, the roar of the cannon itself is so deafeningly loud that it produces a shockwave that could blow an oak tree from its roots. When paired together an used against an army, the Drakeroar is certainly a feared weapon to go against.


All Dragoons are granted a horse to serve as a primary mount. Due to the violent nature of the job, these horses are selected from specific warhorse ranches across Geneca and the Dragoons maintain disconnected relationships with their mounts. A tradition among Dragoons is to name one's horses the same thing each time "so the spirit can stay alive."   P-DPX G1000 "Dragonsuit"   The Dragonsuit is the colloquial name given to the prototype mechanized power armor developed by Genecan defense scientists. The Dragonsuit rivals an Aomian Salvator in its technological complexity-- but is condensed into a far smaller package. Revolutions in mechanics, such as the advent of microprocessors and advanced circuitry, makes the Dragonsuit the most technologically sophisticated armor in the world.    The Dragonsuit is operated by a pilot that interfaces with the armor's semi-autonomous movement processes. The hydraulic assuredness of each movement the suits produces means that a pilot must move with the armor-- much like riding with a horse. The only difference is that failure to do so within the power armor will result in a broken arm or leg, or worse, a shattered spine.    Pilots for the Dragonsuit must display keen reflexes and combat intuition. They must show significant prowess on the battlefield, and wit in all areas. Should a pilot prove capable, the Dragonsuit's many features quickly make the pilot one of the most feared combatants on any battlefield in the world. The Dragonsuit boasts speeds that can rival its namesake in flight, hydraulic-assisted strength, mounted forearm and shoulder turrets, incinerating and electrifying breath, is pressure sealed and air tight, can survive a dunk in lava, and-- unsurprisingly-- protects the pilot damn well.    Still, the extreme difficulty in finding suitable pilots means that the Dragonsuit does not experience much practical use.


Traditional positions of command are granted based on seniority. A Dragoon serves for 10 years, after which time she can choose to retire or continue serving. The benefit of serving is that she may be granted a title within the Dragoons. Typically she will be granted command of a hoard, though based on the deeds one accomplished during service she could be fast-tracked to higher/more important positions.   Certain Dragoons will be selected during the 3-year training period for specialized roles. These include HQ positions like communications coordinator, field quartermasters, or explosives expert. The Dragoons also maintain a small armored and medical corp that are included in the HQ structure.   A venerated Dragoon may be selected to serve as Battlesuit Pilot. As the technology is still experimental and the capabilities of a pilot must be unhuman, this is a position that has yet to see much use.


Dragoon's are used as special operation units. Dragoon's are never deployed forward, nor do they make an attack in any area that has yet to see combat. Dragoons thrive on being the trump card; and bring to combat a degree of devastation that is as much as a blow to morale as it is an assault.    Dragoon's first must be 'activated' to a combat scenario. A number of hordes will receive a summons to an area of active combat, often scaled to the need of the conflict. So, a minor riot may see one horde get deployed while a war-torn siege may see entire Dragonflights.   Dragoon's are kept close to Genecan HQ elements. When activated, each Clutch receives specialized orders and mission objectives. These most often include assassination orders, flanking strategies, logistics espionage, or other target-focused orders.    Dragoon's thrive on their speed in combat. In the majority of cases they will be mounted; but Dragoon's are not cavalry. Instead, they use mounts to enter the heart of a conflict before leaping off the back of their steed and engaging in ground combat. In Dragoon fraternization, this is meant to replicate the ferocity of a Dragon dropping in on a group of poor witless victims.    From here, Dragoons work from the inside out, slipping behind enemy walls and lines to sow discontent. Their speed and efficiency are often enough for them to make a clear charge to enemy HQ. This also carries a dreadfully dire implication. Due to the deep drops, Dragoons are expected to fight until they make it out, force the surrender, or die trying.


A 3-year intensive training process is required to become a Dragoon. In Sonnerand, this surmounts to 1500 days spent trekking around Geneca as a "Wrymling". Dragoons take on 444 new recruits each year from the Shunned Enclave, Geneca's military, with the expectation that only 140 of these recruits will make it through the process.    The training process is deadly and rigorous. Recruits begin at Eris-Iris learning advanced battle stances emphasizing the halberd. From there teams of 5 are assembled based on skill, talent, personality traits, and homeland. This is where the term "Wrymband" comes from. Each team is given a quest; often with some abstract or vague objective concealed within a riddle. These quests take years to complete-- and many Wrymbands do not complete them at all. Through either resignation, failing to complete the quest in 3 years, or death, this is the process that weeds out the recruits.    Quests may include crossing the Lookout Sea to The Tand in order to steal a drakeborn dictionary of Raegis, delving into Underdark-adjacent caves in Northern Geneca, venturing to Deciland and exorcizing an acre of land, establishing a trade connection with a Woedrakk dragon, etc. The common thread between these tasks is that the objective is rarely obvious.    These teams are distantly led by a field quartermaster who oversees the Wrymband's progress. At any given time, the quartermaster may deem that their Wrymband is not fit for Dragoon service and may disband and fail the recruits. Wrymbands are only mildly aware of the quartermaster, and rarely do the two interact. In certain cases however, Wrymbands have grown quite close to their quartermaster-- with very rare instances of the quartermaster joining in to aid in their quest (this is seen in the Dragoons as a sign that a Wrymband has particularly elite members).



While still loyal to the Genecan military forces as a whole, Dragoon's have a unique privilege to sway greater army tactics and battlelines.


Every Dragoon is awarded a sum of 500GP per month.


Dragoons are the culmination and reward following years of conflict and political games between Geneca and the Woedrakk Desert's Blue Thunder-- the cabal of blue dragons that have effectively claimed the Woedrakk as their collective territory.    Since the Dematalyst, Geneca and the Tnnil Empire have both been posed in uniquely unfortunate positions. The blue dragons from the Thunder were unexpected, out a storybook, and utterly devestating. In the first few years following the Dematalyst the westerners of Geneca learned quickly, quicker than those on Moroam in the east, to fear and respect the dragon.    And so, in no time at all historically, Geneca and Tnnil became subserviently to the blues. Numerous exploitative trade contracts arose, mediated by the dragons themselves. From Geneca the dragons were to receive a yearly tribute of the nation's finest inventions, books, toys, and weapons. From Tnnil the dragons were to receive a yearly tribute of 10 tons of Tnnilian Purplesilk, as well as appropriate weaponry, ships, and production manuscripts. Both nations were ordered to pay a 65% GDP tax each year. The years that followed formed the political ideologies and frameworks that are still used today.    Infamously, Tnnil felt undercut by the dragon's greed. Their most cherished product was getting swept up by the hordes of the Thunder. In 202 P.D., 200 years after the subjugation of the nations, the Tnnils launched into the Tnnil-Drake War -- now known as the Deciland War. For their hubris, the dragons all banded together to punish the Tnnils by glassifying one of the sacred violet lakes. With lightning breath, gaps of time, and wounded narcissism, the dragons burned and electrified the land and lake so brutally that the soil turned to blackened glass, the spring dried and redirected underground, and the landscape was deemed uninhabitable for all but the most bizarre of dragon minions.    Learning from Tnnilian mistakes, Geneca sought a different strategy. They used the paranoia of the dragons to their advantage. They stopped offering weapons and inventions (which were always low-concept with intentional design flaws) as tribute, and instead began offering their wares and ideas as insurance and protection. It worked, and the dragon's mood for Geneca began to turn. In a little more than 50 years after the Deciland War, Genecans gained a modicum of trust and even respect from the dragons. This was capped in the often covered-up conflicts of 250 P.D. in the Celladore Strait, also known as the "Silent War for Northern Geneca" where Genecan belligereants sank over 300 civilian vessels to show loyalty to the dragons.    Following years of negotiation and compromise, eventually Geneca not only lowered its 65% tax to a measly 13%,  they also were granted the blessing of draconic secrets. General Belio Nero, as a common liason for Geneca and the dragons, was hand-selected by the Thunder to learn their ways. He became the first dragoon and went on to teach the tradition to all that came after him.   Dragoons were used in stunning efficiency at the "Tear of Lower Tand" of 283 -- where chromatic dragonborn exclusively fought dragoons. Whereas the dragonborn of The Tand culled the infantry of the Genecan military-- the dragoons forced them into their first statemate against Geneca.    Only 2 years later in 285 would they suffer their first loss during a naval battle off the coast of southern Geneca. This loss caused The Tand to officially close their borders to Geneca. Tnnilians abhor dragoons for they represent Geneca's decision to side with the beasts. This was all-too-evident in the heavy-publicized Genecan Civil War (the 'civil war' element being entirely Geneca's claim-- Tnnil has never seen themselves as a member of Geneca). This conflict saw huge battles with massive casualties-- no small number of which were caused by dragoons.   This conflict also set the stage for anti-Genecan sentiment in Malomar. Geneca's timultuous hold of the nation was stripped when an entire horde of Dragoon led by Highflier Kaypl Redortio split from Geneca to join rebels in Harrick's Rise in 300 P.D.    Dragoons as a whole are seen as prized soldiers around the world, soldiers to be respected and feared nonetheless. In Geneca they enjoy a celebrity status and are a driving force in the pro-dragon movements within the nation. Many dragoons themselves are pro-dragon and advocate for more control to be given the the Blue Thunder when it comes to managing the nation.    The dragoons are also deployed at the Iuan expedition. Port Camar keeps a sizeable contingent of dragoon enforcers, and many dragoon receive quests to delve into the cryptic jungles.

Historical loyalties

Dragoon's owe their iconography, tactics, ideals, and ferocity to the Woedrakk Blue Thunder.
Special Forces
258 P.D.
Overall training Level
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