Seadu are the name that the warriors of the Sundorwick Tribe went by before they merged with the warriors of Wynsumheord to create the The Mundbyrdian Sceadu of Sundorwick.



The Seadu can roam in armies from three to even one hundred sometimes. The forest people are plenteous but hidden. They are more populous than they appear.


The Sceadu are most famous for their crossbows, manual bows and arrows. They also use blowdarts. These ranged weapons are very important to the tribe. They specialize in marksmanship and sneak attacks from the boughs of trees. It is in the nature of Sundorwick people to hide and sneak around, thus causing many to believe they are nymphs of some kind. The forest is heavily populated, but, in many locations, you could walk a far distance and not even notice the dwellers around you. From their treehouses and such, they can keep a good vantage point and hit you with expert precision if you were to appear as a threat to their home or their people.    Often, to enhance the effectiveness of their weapons, the Sceadu tip the edges of their arrows and darts with condensed Slumaberry sap that will tranquilize their enemies immediately when hit.


The Sceadu usually travel on foot, but, unlike the Firgenhold Woodsmen, they are not opposed to riding horses.



The forest supplies all that the Sceadu require for armor, weaponry, and sustenance. Unlike the Danuwa of Firgenholt who use only dead trees and already fallen twigs to construct their equipment, the Sundorwick Tribe does not oppose chopping down a few trees in a sustainable manner so that they can have proper workable materials to fashion the things that they need.


The Sceadu are trained young by those parents who give their children into the program. The mindset of the Sceadu is for the young to lead, so the elders are in a constant state of training up and passing on the baton.


When the Sundorwick Tribe first came to the Sundorwick Forests and separated themselves from the Firgenholt Woodsmen with whom they had traversed, they immediately began training young warriors in a fighting style that was not of tradition of their original joint tribe. Neither of the tribes trusted each other, and they each suspected that the other was planning an ambush. After many years, the relationship between the Firgenholt Woodsmen and the Sundorwick Tribe was outwardly passively amicable, but inwardly,  they were still very much distrusting of each other. When the Sceadu formed an allyship with The Mundbyrdians, the Firgenholt were extremely angry and even less trusting of their former fellow men.
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