The Mundbyrdian Sceadu of Sundorwick

The Alliance Between Wynsumheord and Sundorwick

The Mundbyrdians (the warriors of Wynsumheord) banded together with the Sceadu (the protectors of the Sundorwick forest) to defend Wynsumheord as a whole from the Wahstrehite Knights attacks among other threats.


After creating an alliance with the Mundbyrdians, the Sundorwick Forest was officially declared property of Wynsumheord. Besides communicating with the Mundbyrdians more openly, participating in events of Wynsumheord, and fighting battles that did not personally affect the Sundorwick Tribe, the Sceadu did not alter much as an organization. They continued their own practices and combat training, typically staying true to their traditional weapons of choice; crossbows and bows and arrows.

Public Agenda

At the start of the alliance, little to none knew of its existence in fears that the Sundorwick's neighboring tribe (The Firgenholt Woodsmen ) would disapprove and attempt to stop the union at all costs. After much speculation, the Firgenholt came to the conclusion that the Sceadu were getting too close to the Mundbyrdians, so, at the wedding of Magnar and Anselma, they ambushed and attacked all in attendance.   Afterwards, there was no mistake that the Sundorwick had joined forces with Wynsumheord, and so the two entities publicly declared their friendship by implanting a decorated weapon from each organization in a tree on the opposite's land- a decorated sword from Wynsumheord, and an elaborate crossbow from the Sundorwick- each specially crafted for the occasion. With this agreement, the Firgenholt cut off all communication with the Sundorwick, treating them just as Wynsumheord since they now claimed they were a part of it.


Originally, the Sceadu formed their own weapons from wood and stone. Now that they have agreed to partner with the Mundbyrdians, they have gained the privilege of requesting items from the warriors of Wynsumheord. At fellowships throughout the year, Mundbyrdians from all over bring new weapons and demonstrate them unto the Sceadi. If they are interested in possibly wielding such a weapon, they schedule elite training sessions for a select group of Sceadi which will then go on to teach the rest of the Sceadi who wish to utilize the new arms in battle.   Likewise, the Scadu bring to the table choice weapons, tips, tricks, and even certain plants that can help in the process of vanquishing an enemy. The Mundbyrdians who display interest are mentored and sent back to inform the others on how the new weaponry works.


At the early establishment of Wynsumheord, the forest peoples did not consider their land to be part of the main settlement due to their varied philosophical views. Soon after, the forest peoples divided into two groups due to their own disagreements; creating the Sundorwick and the Firgenholt. The Mundbyrdians attempted to create allyship with Firgenholt to no avail, but they had a little more success with the Sundorwick People who were more adaptive to their beliefs. This came not without challenge, for the Firgenholt did not appreciate the Sundorwick inviting Wynsumheord so close to them. For this reason, the alliance was kept as secretive as possible. Later on, the Firgenholt began developing heavy suspicions that there was a secret partnership. They resolved to ambush the wedding of Magnar and Anselma, successfully exposing the Mundbyridan/Sundorwick alliance. Nevertheless, this event strengthened the bond between the two entities, and the Sceadu of Wynsumheord grew in power and strength.

Demography and Population

Before the union, it was not uncommon for a Sundowikian to leave the forest and settle down somewhere in Wynsumheord (not the other way around). But, since the merger, some citizens of Wynsomheord have decided to take up residence in the Sundorwick forest.


Now that the Sundorwick Forests are officially declared a district of Wynsumheord, and the Sceadu have become Mundbyrdians, they technically have a hand in all territory except the Firgenholt Wood.


As the Sceadu and the Mundbyrdians work together, they expand each other's knowledge, training, and arsenal. They also take on battles that do not directly affect them, but Wynsumheord as a whole.

Agriculture & Industry

Along with the alliance of armies, this public declaration opened up the door to possibilities in trade and commerce. The Sundorwick Forests overflow with an abundance of natural resources that are considered to be very valuable all over Wynsumheord. The Sundorwick Tribe agreed to share, but only if the botanicals are harvested sustainably. They also discovered that much of Wynsumheord was interested in their weaponry, and so they realized new crafting ventures.

A Tribal Divide

  The Firgenholt Woodsmen are devoted to their land. They refuse to chop down any trees, pick any flowers, hunt any animals for recreation, ride on any beasts, keep pets, or partake in any of the other modern advancements that they deem "Threats To The Earth". They are even more strict and conservative than the Sundorwick People. These two tribes share the forest that separates Wynsumheord from the The Nurvenheath Kingdom and the Northeast section of the The Wahstrehite Kingdom. But, due to many disagreements on whether or not to continue implementing the progression of technology and practices that were previously imposed upon them from the kingdoms that once suppressed them, they divided the wood in half; The Sundorwick Tribe gathering in the section that borders Taungoun and the East half of Hangra , and The Firgenholt Woodsmen taking up the other half that lies over Lytelcroft and Western Hangra . These people are seen as primitive to the outside world. They consider themselves to be very traditional and deeply rooted in the well-being of the earth (quite literally). They believe that this planet and its resources are invaluable gifts from The Shining Lord ; gifts that are not to be abused or overused. They see animals as friends and therefore refuse to utilize them as pets, labor, or any other kind of property. They only kill what plants and animals are needed for food. They never let anything go to waste. They dress loosely, using only the fabric woven by the elders from sustainably harvested Godwebb.   The Firgenholt Woodsmen hardly ever negotiate with other tribes but are not afraid to put up a fight and protect the things they hold sacred. They are quick to assemble a clan and initiate a deadly maneuver to take out those they see as a "Threat To The Earth".
Founding Date
Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
Mundbyrdians of Sundorwick, Sceadu of Wynsumheord
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Sundorwickian: a general term for villagers/tribe members of the Sundorwick forest, no matter rank or status.   Sceadu: referencing a single warrior, or the military group as a whole. (“I wish to become a Sceadu.” “You may join the Sceadu.”)   Sceadi: the plural term for more than one Sceadu warrior. (Suddenly, several Sceadi rushed in from the left, firing arrows at the demons.)   Sceado: the leader rank of the Sceadu. (“Kyustala is our brave Sceado” “Never make a move without word from the Sceado.”)



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