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Danuwa of Firgenholt

The Danuwa are the warriors of The Firgenholt Wood. They are sworn to protect its inhabitants and the natural wildlife within. They vow to put an end to anyone who appears to be a "threat to The Earth". They are advised by The Wise Woodsman and take quick action in the name of The Shining Lord.

Handling Threats to the Earth

The Danuwa of Firgenholt are sent to locate and vanquish Threats to the Earth. When trespassers are found upon the sacred land of the Firgenholt Woodsmen, they will fight to subdue the unwanted presence. If the warriors can successfully detain the beings without killing them, they will. But, if deadly force seems to be the only option, they will not hesitate to use it.   If at all possible, the Danuwa will bring the threats, alive but bound, into the ceremonial tent to await the arrival of the Wise Woodsmen. Once these elders appear, the Danua will inform them of everything the Threats to the Earth have done. After this, the Wise Woodsmen will determine what should be done.   Minimal Consequences for Petty Offenses
1. Threats may be stripped of weapons, clothing, and possibly shaved of hair before being chased out of the wood.   2. Threats may be fed an elaborately delicious meal in the presence of Firgenholt Natives, a meal that will erase the short-term memories and put the beings to sleep. The Danuwa will then take them far away to wake up out of the Firgenholt Wood with little to no recollection of how they got there.
  More Serious Consequences for Considerable Offenses
  1. Threats may be held captive for a longer period of time in the camp, being publicly humiliated and shamed for up to a fortnight before one of the minimal offense punishments are inacted.   2. Threats may be forced to labor in a symbolically linked activity that represents the correction of one of their misdeeds for up to a fortnight before one of the minimal offense punishments are inacted.
  Dire Consequences for Severe Offenses

If the offenses were considered by the Wise Woodsmen dispicable and unspeakable, death will be deemed the valid solution to end the Threat. Can be done by several means including, but not limited to:

  1. A direct action from a Wise Woodsman.   2. Strip down the threat and present them to a savage or hungry animal.   3. A large scrumptious meal of instant poison.   4. "Giving the Threat back over to the Earth" by burrying them alive or burning them.


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