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Wise Woodsman

The Wise Woodsmen are the leaders of The Firgenholt Natives. They look after the Firgenholt Wood and task themselves with protecting The Earth and vanquishing the threats thereof. They commune often with The Shining Lord with much prayer and supplication. They provide council to the Danuwa of Firgenholt.


The Wise Woodsmen are typically older men and women.


These elders oversee the forest to ensure that all is well. They keep vigilant in shifts, both day and light.


They sit on their smooth stones and meditate in prayer and communion with The Shining Lord for the majority of their day; only taking brief breaks to consume meals. Other times, they are walking throughout the forest, still communing with The Shining Lord as they hike throughout the woods, observing the state of the nature and wildlife, making sure that everything is in perfect order. If there are signs of disturbance, the Wise Woodsman will call a meeting and summon all the Danuwa of Firgenholt to consult with them and devise a plan of action.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

There is hardly ever change in The Firgenholt Wood, but, if ever one of the Wise Woodsmen or any other member of the tribe were to rebel, they would be stripped of their Godwebb raiment and fed Gvewah before being sedated with Slumaberry, carried out into a random area of Wynsumheord, and left alone to awaken and attempt to start a new life with no knowledge of the secrets of the Firgenholt Wood or wisdom of Wise Woodsman, or understanding of Dygolyphs so that one might not leak the information to anyone causing enemies to have a chance of prevailing over the tribe and overtaking the woods.   If the offences committed are too drastic and horrendous, the member may then be counted as a "threat to The Earth" and therefore put to death.
Religious, Political
Form of Address
Wise One, Elder,
Alternative Naming
Wise One, Elder


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