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The Firgenholt Woodsmen are devoted to their land. They refuse to chop down any trees, pick any flowers, hunt any animals for recreation, ride on any beasts, keep pets, or partake in any of the other modern advancements that they deem "Threats To The Earth". They are even more strict and conservative than the Sundorwick People. These two tribes share the forest that separates Wynsumheord from the Nurvenheath Kingdom and the Northeast section of the Wahstrehite Kingdom. But, due to many disagreements on whether or not to continue implementing the progression of technology and practices that were previously imposed upon them from the kingdoms that once suppressed them, they divided the wood in half; Sundorwick gathering in the section that borders Taungoun and the East half of Hangra, and Firgenholt taking up the other half that lies over Lytelcroft and West Hangra. These people are seen as primitive to the outside world. They consider themselves to be very traditional and deeply rooted in the well-being of the earth (quite literally). They believe that this planet and its resources are invaluable gifts from The Shining Lord; gifts that are not to be abused or overused. They see animals as friends and therefore refuse to utilize them as pets, labor, or any other kind of property. They only kill what plants and animals are needed for food. They never let anything go to waste. They dress loosely, using only the fabric woven by the elders from sustainably harvested Godwebb .   The Woodsmen hardly ever negotiate with other tribes but are not afraid to put up a fight and protect the things they hold sacred. They are quick to assemble a clan and initiate a deadly maneuver to take out those they see as a "Threat To The Earth".


Major language groups and dialects

The Firgenholt Tribe likes to stay secretive and not share plans with others. They are a very paranoid people, and because of this, they often speak in their traditional Firgenholt tongue, and they write in Dygolyphs.

Shared customary codes and values

The Firgenholt Woodsmen consider themselves to be one with nature. They don't take more than they need. They don't chop down trees. Instead, they use already fallen trees and leaves to build tents. They also live in caves.

Common Etiquette rules

These tribal folk do not believe in harming any living life for any purpose other than to survive. They are appalled by trophy hunting, and they don't even allow picking of flowers if not to be consumed.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a tribe member passes, their body is given back to the earth. They do not use caskets or wrapping or any other thing that could preserve the body or delay its decomposition.
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