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Hive Crowd Supression Drones - Infrasonic Canons

Describe a military unit in your world that is famous for its unique ranged weapon.     Although the Hive prefers to use Napoleonic tactics as a general rule, The Queen does have some specialized soldier drones in her arsenal. She modifies their bodies to perform explicit tasks, essentially building them into weapons. The most complex of these are the Suppression Drone Squads.   Every member of these units are around 7 feet tall to start with, with the shoulders of an ox. The Queen begins modifying the candidates by inserting a set of steel pelvic bones to act as a backstop. Their exoskeletons are then split down the center in front and a massive infrasonic cannon is integrated into their biology, with the back end resting against the new brace, the business end at collar bone level, and heat vents pointing straight out of the body. Next, drugs are administered to produce rapid growth of the wings so that they can not only sustain flight, but sustain flight with the additional weight.   The resulting figure is rather disturbing to look upon, as they almost never walk again- the extreme weight added to the front of their frame won't allow it. The exoskeleton grows around the cannon, but veins and other inner soft tissues can often be seen in the cracks. Luckily, they generally aren't seen unless they are deployed, and the visual horror only adds to their effectiveness.   Once deployed, a squad will fly into position around an enemy's front lines or will harass the cavalry in advance of the infantry drones. They will hover in place, outside the range of the enemy's projectile weapons, and blast them with relentless infrasonic waves. As waves of fear and nausea wash over the enemy soldiers, those with poor morale will break. Cavalry will almost always lose their mounts in a panic. When it's possible for the drones to be sufficiently close, the sound can cause internal damage to the enemy as it shakes their organs apart.   It is critical that they withdraw before the infantry drones come within hearing range, or the cannons may deafen the armies to the orders of The Queen. In fact, these cannons would make the suppression drones impossible for her to control if she hadn't made one final modification: she deafens them herself. She removes their antennae and instead implants an ultrasonic chip into the base of their skulls. With this she can continue to control them even after they can no longer hear her Song.   After the suppression drones withdraw, the infantry then comes in to clean up. If all went to plan, there will be no cavalry to speak of and the enemy's front lines will be weak if not entirely broken.
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