Singers of Gold

Fast, Deadly, Hidden

The golden tip flies across the battlefield, followed by gashes of blood as it pierces through our army. We searched for the Mabrouk but could not find them, our numbers slowly dwindling from the assault, until we were forced to retreat.
— Chronic of the Revolution of Da'Gan, 281 CE

The Singers of Gold are an elite Bajou military taskforce, who fight using Sumari Arrows. Each of the weapons are attuned to their user's blood, and are dangerous on the battlefield. However, their mastery requires training and power, and few are able to truly learn how to use them.

History of the Singers of Gold

The Singers of Gold were originally a group of Fahneska scholars, who worked on writing down the various myths and legends of their culture, as well as its history. These works are kept in the Quiet Trove, located in Kuleïform.

Their work was respected and admired through Fahneska communities, and would also shelter the poorer members of their communities when they could afford to.

Local Danatelian authorities would leave them alone, for the Singers of Gold followed a strict neutral code. They took no sides in conflicts, and remained uninvolved from the politics of the state, despite the power they held over Fahneska citizens.

In 89 I.A, the Singers of Gold remained distant from the various uprisings and independence movements taking place throughout the island. But in 90 I.A, following the execution of a young Fahneska child, they decided they could no longer remain passive.

From the evidence I provided above, I believe it is safe to say the revolution owes most of its success to the Singers of Gold. If not for their contribution, both in power and as inspirational figures, the Principality would've likely never existed.

They offered their services to Da'Gan, the descendant of the last King of Fahneska. From the pens they used to keep their culture alive, they crafted powerful weapons, keeping secret the ways of their art. When the revolution started, they emerged from the shadows on the side of Da'Gan, following him into battle and convincing many more Fahneska to join the fight.
Founding Date: 97 CE
Location: Kadara
Leader: Prince of the Fahneska
Numbers: unknown
Weapon of Choice: Sumari Arrows

Sumari Arrows

Initially Sumari Arrows were but enchanted fountain pens, made to follow the commands of their owner and fly around a battlefield at frightening speed, piercing through dozens of enemies at a time. Their design evolved over time to become more arrow like, short in size with a metal tip resembling the tip of a pen.

by MJ S
Often times, Singers of Gold will attach dangerous objects at the end of the arrow, such as barbed wire or strings tied to metals of shrapnel. That way, if the arrow misses it may still cause excess damage from its tail.

Singers of Gold control their arrows with Hikanu, guiding its movements through the sounds they emit.

Blood Rite

The arrow is attuned to its owner for life in a ceremony kept secret by the Singers of Gold. Blood is used to bind a person to their arrow, which will they will then keep on their person for the rest of their life.

A Dual Function


Despite their re-orientation, the Singers of Gold remain loyal to their scholastic origins. While they do not focus on writing and recording Fahneska history as much any more, they undertake many missions to recover important Fahneska artefacts from various foreing collectors who might've obtained them during their years of colonisation.

These missions are most often peaceful, involving trips overseas to negotiate trades with whoever owns them, but force and theft are not uncommon when private owners show themselves reluctant to part with Fahneska artefacts.

Elite Killers

Because of the mystery surrounding their weapons, as well as the great adaptability of the Singer's fighting style, Singers of Gold make for extraordinary fighters on the battle field. The presence of a few is enough to turn the tides of a battle, and tales of single Singers defeating groups of twelve or more opponents are often told to impress children.

A lesser known aspect of their abilities involves their use as assassins, sent to dispatch of unwanted, dangerous or bothersome people. This can only be done on order of the head of the Singers, the Crown Prince of the Fahneska himself.

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