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Sand Crawlers

Famous is a loose term, though in Northern Tubl and the Nuoj Desert, these Dunne Dwarves are greatly feared.

Sand Crawling is an ancient tradition passed down from the original Dunne Dwarves when Tubl was just being settled. They were used to both hunt for whatever food they could find in the sandy wasteland and scout out the locations of possible enemies, sabatoging them if possible.

Sand Crawlers get their name because their speciality is burrowing thorugh the sand and ambusing their prey with shocking accuracy to go along with their lightening speeds. The come, observe, strike fast, and disappear before anyone realizes they were near by.



Each Sand Crawlers group is made by 15 Dwarves. 10 of them must be expirenced warriors who have been Dunne Crawling befor. These 10 lead the way and blaze the trail through the sand. The remaining 5 are Sand Crawlers in training. They bring up the rear, carrying the gotten goods and keeping watch over their flank. They are also here to watch a professional Sand Crawler how it works since one day they might lead the group as well.


All Sand Crawlers carry a pack built for keeping sand and heat out and preserving food. At the bottom of this back is a smaller pocket, made for papers and documents about possible enemies. Young Sand Crawlers packs are much larger than the average pack, built specifically for carrying the most meat out of the group. This also leads to them being stronger later in life.


What makes Sand Crawlers so terrifying is there weaponry. Each Sand Crawler, no matter their stattus, has a Gytmai, a hollow, flexible tube with an airtight, cloth like section filled with air. With this tube comes sveral small darts made from the Smum Beast. These darts are tipped with a paralizing agent. Two hits and their heart freezes, effectivly killing the target.

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Sand Crawlers are a uniquly Dunne Dwarven phenomena, meaning that Sand Crawlers follow their culture. First and foremost, the Sand Crawlers protect their own. If that happens to mean they work along side Tublian military, so be it.


Sand Crawlers all wear a tight, scaley under suit that keeps them from over heating in the sand and helps them blend into the natural enviroment a bit more. Over top this they wear loose, shirts filled with holes and conflicting patters. This keeps their shape ambiguous, even if you are staring right at them, furthering their stealth capabilities. All Sand Crawlers have sate of the art head gear to keep most of the sand out of their eyes and mouth, giving them a reptilian feel when it is on. Leading Sand Crawlers have a dark brown stripe down the front of their under suit while new Sand Crawlers have a beige stripe.


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