As the largest nation in Pangella, Tubl is both respected and feared by others. Tubl claimed almost the entirety of the Fire Planes, including the wild Pach Groves, Calfery Canyon, and The Kezub Mekh in the south. 

The great, desert kingdom itself


In their heart, Tublians are generally very hospitably and friendly. They offer much to frineds and almost take on a Goblin-esk view of property-what's mine is yours. This trait, however, gets lost on outsiders. due to the persecution and general distrust from others, Tublians have learned to close themselves off and guard them and their friends with fierce protectiveness. This ferocity is often the only thing to be heard of in rumors and trade, instilling fear in those who don't know any better.


They mine the Calfery Canyon , one of the largest courses of sulfur, coal, and precious metals. There is a booming industry of spices farmed and dried on the edge of Kezub Mekh, as well as woven goods like rugs and multicolored cloth.


Wandering clans strengthened by their trade and industry joined together to create a country, ostracised by the rest of the world for their "demonic" heritage, even if that was never proven. After several years, cities and towns were raised and trade with neighboring cities and countries was established. At first, they were met with suspicion and hesitation but few can resist the temptations of their produce. After solidifying their relationships, the Tublians turned their focus inward, increasing their stability and politics.

Demography and Population

Mainly populated by Tieflings  with small sects of Dragonborns. Spread in fire-protected cities in specifically selected places all over the Fire Planes. They share their lands with Fire genasi clans that live more in the north of the Fire Planes in the Pach Groves where fire is more unpredictable and destructive. Occasionally you can find pockets of Dunne Dwarves and Sun Elves either near or in the Canyon where the heat is not so intense.


The entirety of Tubl falls inside the Fire Planes, including the Calfery Canyon, Pach Groves, and upper Kezub Mekh, ending just before the Botawth forest and Kngomawth cliffs

These lands were given to the first settlers simply because no one else could fathom living in such a place and they were desperate to get away from the "Tainted". Gradually, as the nation grew, others joined the now generally livable conditions till Tubl became the booming powerhouse it is today, holding the most territory of any other nation by far.


The Gumon thaz- the kings private protective force The Gumoth- general military that is split into many different forces for protect the different regions


Worship of any deity in the Flawkaw Pantheon is acceptible, in each region one is more prominant than the other but you can find temples and places of worship for all those that have them. Occationally you can find temples and churches for deities from the Flowep pantheon or, extreamly rarely, the Froshatha Pantheon
however, the deities from the Flowep pantheon are basically banned this far west.

Foreign Relations

Tubl has worked dreadfully hard to create strong trading relations with the other nations in the proximity yet many are still hesitant to trust them due to their "Demonic" heritage. They have avoided going to war and being attacked due to the fact no other nation could possibly survive in the Fire Planes, though there is much tension between them and their immediate neighbors, especially Calgery and Greenwood.

Agriculture & Industry

There are many different industries that Tubl is one of the leading manufacturers, Textiles being one of the main ones. Tubl produces incredible cloths and dyes, weaving incredibly vivid and enchanting patters. Tublian textiles are greatly sought after all over Pangella and the islands. 

In addition to textiles, Tubl also farms, drys, and produces an astounding amount of spices, making their cuisine a cacophony of flavors that both overwhelm and excite your taste buds. These spices are traded with the islands and are the one of the only reasons there is a peace treaty with Calgery.


Education is much more private matter than in many other places. Its up to communities to decide how they want their children to be educated, whether at school through other means. This leads to a wide variety of knowledge and a wide variety of levels of education all over Tubl. In the cities, usually, there are schools set up for public use and that is where a majority of the children go. Outside the cities it is slightly more varied between apprenticeships, homeschooling, and public or private schooling.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Barter system
Gold peices
Major Exports
Various spices, dyes, cloth, carpets, clothing
Major Imports
fresh vegetables, dried meats, sweet meats, Silfys, various alcohols from carious places (not all exactly legal)
Legislative Body
The King, locally known as the Bekhung, is in charge of creating the many rules designed to keep the nation in harmony and prospering.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items
Related Myths


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