Krekkon has risen out of the Nuoj Desert and the Waw Forest to build a civilisation of poetry and song. With spiraling, circular cities surrounding small springs and oases, Krrekon has become the jewel of the desert and home of many artists and musicians. Due to their proximity to the Waw Forests, their cities are built of crystal that sings in the wind and glows under touch. Silk and light chiffon decorate the buildings and music flits through the streets along with the happy call of their people. Much like their neighbors, Tubl, Krekkon has a booming spice industry and they relish in their prosper, despite their tumultuous beginnings.

The People

Krekkonians are, typically, easy going people. Lazy, even. Relaxed. They value appearances as well as ease, with an enphasis on maintained laziness if possible. Truely, the people themselves are stunning, making modifications from a young age to ensure beauty where they could, and ignoring the people when they couldn't. to them, the first impression means everything, and if you mess it up, they are unlikely to give you a second chance.


Over time, Krekkon has being a rather diverse nation. From the original Fairy, Tabaxi, and Human settlers to Tiefling, sun elves, and even the occasional Dunne Dwarf family hunkering down nearby.

In the cities

Most of the population does live in the many, scattered cities, protected from the desert and it's trials by towering walls and perfected defenses. Tieflings and Fairies are in the magority here, followed closely by Tabaxi, specifically the Egbatiow or "dark eared" ones.   Humans, while relatively common, are less prominant than the others. they can be found scattered all over the city, holding all different types of jobs and statuses.  
Elves are rarer in the cities, if there at all. Mostly, they can be found in the lower rings or in less esteemed households, unlike much of the south. This is directly related to the The fall of the Frozen Empire, susiquent Mirgation, and first Hollow's outbreak. If you come across any Elves, they are probably a sun elf. any other seem to avoid most Krekkonian cities.
Dunne Dwarves
Dwarves in general are not built for the sandy planes and open skies of a desert, let alone the unbearable heat, making their appearance in any one of these cities a true marvel. Dunne Dwarves, however, are rare for a different reason: they hate cities, not deserts. occasionally they show up to haggle and trade their found wares, in which case the markets are overrun.


The Krekkonian culture is particularly distinct, boiling down to the fact that they are easy going, subtally proud, individual people. You don’t go to a Krekkonian for any strong opinions, you go to them for a story, for music, for entertainment, for a shoulder to cry on. But be careful what you say, for words and names still hold much power.

Easy Going

it takes quite a bit for a Krekkonian to stir out of anything other than mild interest. Krekkonians value play, beauty, and fun. They tend to avoid anything that may be stressful or ruin a day, leading them to ignore problems till they can't anymore-and even then they'll often try to pawn them off onto
someone else. This also means, however, that Krekkon has become the pleasure jewel of the west, filled with beaty and art and stunningly talented people that drape themselves through the day.


Krekkonians take great pride in their and their cities appearance. In a world of illusion, everything is subjective, meaning everything is maluable and can therefore be beautiful. This results in a lot of surface level changes to give pleasing impressions, futher deepening the idea that pleasure matters over everything else. When combined with a culture of ease, it means people hardly ever take the time to delve deep into their own flaws, choosing instead to cover them up.


Ever since the fall of The Frozen Empire and the great migration south, much of the west took it upon themselves to make their own decisions, especially in the aftermath of such chaos and turmoil. The people value their individuality and self expression, making dedicated space for it in arguments, government, identity, and decision making. this leads to both indipendent thought as well as thought surplus, and not in an Ealdorian way.


Krekkonian Government is a fickle thing. They declare themselves a matriarical monarchy, yet a council of the publics chosen and volunteers make all the decisions. The current governing system has the potencial to be used as martial law, yet those who know how are too lazy to try, relying instead on the publics general lack of desire to do anything strenuous.  

Times of Crisis

There are official leaders who step up in times of true crisis and decision making called the Raro. These people are a combination of volunteers and chosen represntatives with more than a little backbone and a desire to actually do something with their lives. When there is a true crisis, the Raro come out and, according to their training and quick corrospondance through a secret code based on light and sound that can travel miles over the desert, make decitions in tandem with the other cities to ensure collective safety. This system was put in place after the First Hollows outbreak in

Appearances Matter

While there is, technically, a royal family and politics and all that wonderful official stuff, Krekkon is lead by the influencers; the people with money, power, and beauty. It is widely undersood that the better you look, the more intellegent you are seen as, and the less you have to work the more people want to listen due to a desire to emulate. from this, people follow who they eventually want to be.   In any other circumbstance, this would lead to power imbalances, economic instability, and even an opening for tyranical rule. In Krekkon, however, this laid back approach to ruleing serves the people well, especially in conjunction with their open educational system and rigorous policing policies through the military.   This does not mean there aren't power struggles. Since much of Krekkonian influence is entirely subjective on the publics feeble wishes, Prominant figures are expected to keep up their lavish, beautiful lifestyles in a way that is accessible to the public. Anyone who can d it better is often turned too, leaving the original behind to try again.

How to become a leader

The process of how Krekkonian leaders, also called the Adeb'ur, is not difficult. it first requires some measure of public approval. This can either be through works, appearances, or public service, whatever works to get people to like you. from there, a district of the city must recomend to have you promoted, lead by one of the current prominant families. from there, if the garnered support is needed and the recommended Krekkonian is invited to the next counsil meeting.


The Military is inherently separate from the rest of Krekkonian government except in times of crisis as stated. otherwise, the military acts as a sort of barriar between real world consequences and the denizens of Krekkonian cities.

Internal Threats

Beyond the classic theft and low-level crime that is in every city every where, Krekkon has several place specific worries.  

Political Upheaval

Despite their best efforts, Krekkonian politics are not as effortless as the Krekkonians have attempted to make them appear. Behind the scenes there is a spiders web of connections and stuggles, each brittle and ready to crack, holding the prominant figures up. It is not unheard of for a patron to defent their reputations with as much fervor as they might defend their children.   Depending on the corruption levels at the time, the Military are tasked with keeping this fierce protection managable, or linning their pocets with Krekkoins and letting the vengence take it's course.

External Threats

Not only are there threats from the cities, but from the desert and surrounding nations as well.


Sand Worms

Vastness of the Desert

Song Hollows

By now, everyone has heard of the Hollows. What is less known is that, out in the desert, there is a more violent, dangerous incarnation of them: Song Hollows. Many belive that the hollows turn into the song hollows given enough time, but this can never be confirmed.   song hollows are violent creatures made of crystalized skin and crumbling bone. their eyes have glazed over in pearlecent, hauntingly beautiful designs. the true mark of of a Song hollows in the source of their name. the song they sing. those early along the transformation process claim the music they sing echoes similarly in their heads. the point is, if a hollows is making music as they move and it is moving towards you, run away.

Foreign Relations

Krekkon has an relatively good relationship with most other surrounding nations. while their navy is not as well known as the Manish, their reach is well maintained starting 1231, when they first started true organized exploration.


Kpaúmbùaw, Waw, Chi.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
The Western Fae
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Krekkoins. A typically gold coin with a shard of waw crystal embedded in the top. The more the coin is worth, the larger the crystal.
Legislative Body
Most rules are decided by the prominant families input and influence on the Adeb'ur, though certain, unchangeable decisions are made exclusivly by the Raro.
Judicial Body
once made, the Adeb'ur and local military collaborate to ensure peace in each city. if there are questions of legality, it is brought before an adeb'ur, who then might being others in for a conference to decide. while deliberation is happening, the offender and offendee are detained in one of the main homes, given luxury occomodations, and questioned by all the officals involved.
Executive Body
If a decision is come to and a guilty party is found, the sentencing process is determined by the severity of the crime. minor crimes typically result in one Abed'ur choosing a punishment along with a public announcement of your missdeeds. Felonies result in a public trial and collaborative punishment. Murder, assignations, and other truely horrible, unforgiveable crimes result in banishment from the city, along with a public demotion from grace and seizing of all avaliable assets. To banish someone, it must be a unanimous decision from the entire counsil.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
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  • 423

    Founding on Krekkon

    More reading
    Additional timelines
  • 597

    Hollows outbreak
    Geological / environmental event

    This is when Hollows became an actual problem for people

  • 1231

    Expanse of Krekkonian Navy

    This is when Krekkon began seriously investing in naval expeditions


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