A thin, hollow, flexible tube with an airtight, cloth like section filled with air. With this tube comes several small darts made from the Smum Beast quill. When filled with air, all the user needs to do is place a dark inside and squeeze the bag, shooting the dart at a gereater velocity than a breath of air could.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The mechanics are actually rather simple. The thin, straight tube allows for the dart to be loaded and aimed at a target. The small cloth, air-tight sack on the back, when filled with air and squeezed, launches the dart at the target.

Manufacturing process

The Tube

The tube is made of Smum beast bone, usually a femur though occationally a shin bone. This section is hollowed out with painstaking delicacy, and more often than not this bone is engraved on the outside, a personal design that serves as it marking of ownership.

The Sack

The sack is tightly woven out of Michi silk and lined with melted Smum beast fat, a sealing agent. This sack is then attached to tube using more Melted Smum Beast fat, creating an air tight seal ther as well. To fill the sack you just pump it open a couple times, forcing it to suck in more air.


The Gytmai has been passed down over the centuries from Sand Crawler to Sand Crawler, a symbol of their culture and their ancient traditions. Each individual Gytmai is specially made by its user, built specifically for and by them with the help of their elders. Often times, this process is done while they are learning the basics of sand crawling, making the entire expirience something wonderful and almost sacred to the Sand Crawlers.
Related Species
Dunne Dwarf
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
They are almost exclusivly used by the Sand Crawlers, though some have been found and solf by traveling merchants in the area, using them as decorative peices.

about 1 foot long
Base Price
2 ltr of water or 10 gp
Raw materials & Components
Most of the Gytmai is created using peices of the Smum Beast, like its bones, quills, hide, and fat.
Each dart is made from a Smum Beast quill and is coated in a paralizing agent that is incrediably potent. 1 hit will freeze your entire body, two will shut down internal organs, quickly and quietly killing you within seconds of exposure.


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