Unlike its southern counterpart, Calgery is dark and depressing. Grey and red sand swirling into cracked, hard earth with very little hope of growth. Calgery was the unfortunate but necessary alliance between the Ogres, Orcs, and Mountain Trolls. Their rough, feeble cities are not an accurate depiction of their strength, but Erhalts of their treaty with each other and the surrounding lands. Much like their nature, the land is corse and dry, leaving Calgery to look else where for their survival. They travel in large family groups, sticking within riding distance. Even if they never admit it, the security that comes form an alliance, no matter how feeble, gives them strängte and confidence in their own lives and attacks. Calgerians are violent and brash, fighting for their own in life just as much in the rest of the world that seems determined to destroy them.


The strongest fighter rules. Simple as that. Those with the most kills take control of smaller factions or appoint someone to govern in their stead.


For centuries after the Depression, Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls were chased out of their lands due to prejudice and assumptions. Eventually, the only place they weren’t hunted downs was in the Jopuath Waebu, an unlivable wasteland. At first they fought, scraping for resources and land like their lives depended on it, mostly because it did. but as time moved on, slowly connections were made. Those connections turned to treaties, and those treaties turned to a loose partnership. In 468, the leaders of the factions got together and decided to combine for the good of their people.

Demography and Population

The three races stick mainly to themselves, interact with staying segregated. While this was not planned by biology, babies are often born in fall, since the season of peace is in winter. Many families only have 2 children since the child mortality rate is 85%. Only the strong live, just the way they need it. If a child is born with a defect it is left out in the dunes to die. Generally, due to the harsh lifestyle, nopass into old age, and those who do are revered and respected. They are often the leaders of smaller factions since they are no longer able to go out and fight.


They own the Jopuath Waebu but. Seek to expand or even leave this area completely. If not for the dunes and heat in Krekkon they would have migrated south.


One might argue that everyone is in the military, but when an actual war comes, the stronger parent is called to the front while the weaker one stays with the children. Often times, parents will leave their children with another family for the honor of the fight.

Foreign Relations

No one likes them. The other nations are content to let Calgery inhabit the Jopuath Waebu since there is no value in it to them, but they fight furiously against the continuous raids. Occasionally the raids will turn into small battles. None have attempted negotiation, believing the Calgerians either too dumb or too bloodthirsty to listen to their proposals. Due to this lack of diplomacy and their initial forcing Calgery to these close to unloveable lands, there is open hostility towards them.

Agriculture & Industry

There is precious little that can even grow in the Jopuath Waebu, and what does is feeble and doesn’t give enough to survive on. Because of this, the people are stunted in their growth, having to concern themselves with their next meal as well as progress. Natural resources of any value to them are also few and growing sparse. This, in addition to their overwhelming desire to leave, forces them to raid and pillage nearby villages and cities.

Trade & Transport

Everything is either carried by hand or on large oxen native to the region. they have no trade with the surrounding villages, refusing to ask for help and receiving no offers. They do, however, have a grand time taking whatever they want from unsuspecting towns and villages, much like the Vikings


The children are homeschooled, learning the skills they need to survive from practice and watching those who are older. Hunting and sewing are important for all to learn, just as cooking and fighting are. From a young age, the children are encouraged to brawl and argue with each other while still keeping within the lines of friendship and caring. Medicine is then learned as in the process as they are the ones to care for their own bruises and cuts they may get. Weapon come later, in the teens just hen they begin going out on their own to hunt and possibly pillage.


They live in Tents of Ox hide and bone. This is so they can be put up and taken down quickly, but the material is strong enough to withstand a sand storm when they venture further south than usual.

Death be the Glory

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Clan
Government System
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Barter system
The Mark
Major Imports
Everything they need to survive, really. Not much is willingly imported, but it is imported all the same.
Legislative Body
The Laws are suggested by the current Tha’ung and approved by popular vote of the people.
Judicial Body
The Tha’ung
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Myths


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