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The Dragonlance Elite

Describe a military unit in your world that is famous for its unique ranged weapon.   During the Age of Heroes, a specialised company existed whose job was to hunt dragons. Unlike adventurers (which, weirdly, was a profession back in the day), the Elite were relatively ordinary veteran soldiers who formed their private company after surviving the Massacre of the Golden Fields. Sworn bloodkin, the small company of seven is the hireling force of choice for anyone looking to put together an operation that hinges on perfectly synchronised execution by multiple people.   For this is precisely what the company's biggest strength is. Out on the job, the five brothers and two sisters move as a single-minded entity, with the abilities and reach of seven people. With none of them being the least bit technically inclined, it remains a mystery to those who have studied famous records of the company whether or not some shared mental link was in effect, or if their (henceafter deeply studied by many a commander's academy) daily regimen of eating, sleeping, fighting, playing, and leisuring together, had intuitively trained them to mimic the effects of such. Whatever was the case, the unparalleled teamwork was the signature ability of the company, and it had elevated them to the top of the mercenary world.   It is precisely this ability that allowed them to hunt dragons so effectively. The biggest hurdle one had to overcome, were they to try hunting one out in the open, is the fact that dragons... fly. Great Ballistae that could shoot a spear remotely dangerous to the scaled beasts took a lot of time to assemble, were slow to turn, and still could not be aimed too high. Ranging from bad to decent against the flying monsters even while on defence duty perched atop a castle's wall, it was unthinkable to to try bring out one and assemble on the go whilst pursuing a dragon. Which is exactly what the Dragonlance Elite did.   From the combined effort of the top minds in the artificer's guild of Emor, they commissioned the construction of a special lightweight ballista that was assembled from seven parts. Even better still, the seven pieces it broke down into could be used as martial weapons individually. Weapons that each brother and sister in the company first spend a couple of years mastering, training with these unorthodox instruments for twelve hours a day. In the end, they were a force to be reckoned with, an elite unit of expert fighters that could come together to assemble and shoot a siege weapon in under nine seconds.   In. Under. Nine. Seconds.   Where normally dragons would just fly away, the company could give pursuit. And while the beasts can cruise at high altitudes for a long time, eventually even they have to land and rest. The Elite combined the might of a siege weapon threatening to a dragon's hide with human's greatest strength as hunters, their unparalleled tenacity and ability to wear out any prey. Those among the dragons too slow to recognise the threat of the tireless hunters, or those too proud to acknowledge them as worthy of their attention, were mercilessly slain. While the exact number is unknown, the Dragonlance Elite has slain at least four dragons, debatably six. And those are only the recorded confirmed kills of the party.   The end of the company, albeit tragic, was a rather fitting one. When the rebellious insertnamehere broke the law of the first king and lashed out against mortals, the Elite was their first target. One night, out of nowhere, The Winged Death descended upon the town where the company was residing, and reduced it to ashes in the matter of seconds, summoning a lightning storm and an earthquake at the same time, whilst instantly incinerating everything its breath of white fire touched. To this day, the crater remains where insertnamehere once stood, eternal reminder of the fate that is to come for slayers of dragonkind.


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