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Chimborazo is a massive worldbuilding endeavour with a scope for truly epic fantasy. Designed mainly for rich storytelling and novelisation, the world is also the primary intended setting for my role-playing game, ChimborazoRPG, and the content here on WorldAnvil will mostly serve this purpose. With this goal in mind, the setting is constructed to support quite literally everything, from a plethora of sapient species to a host of geopolitical structures, all inhabiting a rich and highly detailed narrative.
The world of Chimborazo is set on a planet, much akin to our own Earth in its geography. Every civilisation has a different name for it, but that's not what matters. The focal point is the mysterious Mount Chimborazo, revered and feared by all. Sitting amidst a giant lake, none who have dared its waters have ever returned to tell the tale. It also seems to be the source of all magic in the world, given how all leylines eventually fold back into it. Some elders believe it to be a gateway to other worlds and have said that this is where all the different races originate from.   We catch up to current events roughly 1500 years after the Great Aurora, when in one magical night everything changed, ushering the world into a new era by any and all definitions. Global peace is at an all-time low and conflicts are emerging everywhere. The last age of heroes may have come to pass, but the vast prospects for war are bound to bring out the best... and worst of men, as everybody fights to build their perfect life in these fragile times.