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Caač Slingers

Describe a military unit in your world that is famous for its unique ranged weapon.   The skill of the Caač slingers is feared throught the world. The Caač are though to be very tough people, who utter few words and are used to a harsh life.   The Caač use the sling for hunting deer and birds in their lands on Irin i heš and in the Pillar Mountains. The climate there is harsh and dry, so the reach of the sling is highly advantageous for hunting without the help of treecover.



The slingers mainly use naturally occuring smooth river stones, that are easy to gather when needed, so the upkeep of the unit is very low.


Historical loyalties

During the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem Irin i heš Islands were occupied by the Zeribians, and were an important source of copper for their military. A large number of the Caač people were enslaved to work in the mines or forced to pay tribute to feed the occupiers. The events of their enslavement are detailed here: The enslavement of the Caač.   The Zeribians however noticed the high skill of the local slingmen (by suffering many huge losses in the fights against them). The Zeribians at the time were mainly using light leather and wood armor for protection, and hadn't developed a lot of ranged weapons, because they were usless in the dense rainforests. They were therefore very vulnerable to the army of the Republic of Free West Island, who wore heavier metal armor and preferred to fight in open terrain, covered by archers.   The Caač slingmen had the reach to attack the enemies from longer distance than the Rebublic's archers could reach, and even though the bullets couldn't penetrate the heavier armor, the hits were strong enough to kill or inflict serious injuries.
by Tuisku

Social effects

Work in the Zeribian military wasn't voluntary, but was forced on those that were noticed to be talented slingmen. They were brought to fight battles far on a foreign ground, and were unable to return home or escape because of the fear for their relatives living under the Zeribian rule.   Regardless, the military was one of the best ways for a Caač to rise in the social standing, and become treated as equal by the Zeribians.

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