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Introduction to Salan - START HERE!

Welcome to Salan!

Here you can find links to all the other portals, that you can use to efficiently explore the world of Salan.

  Global CW: Some of the articles explore themes of discrimination, rasism, slavery, homofobia, transfobia, sexism, violence and sexual violence. This is a darkish fantasy world, containing themes that might be disturbing. The views of the in-world characters are not shared by the author.  

Links to follow

  Geography Portal
Here you can get to know the regions, political powers and species of Salan.
  Culture Portal
Here you can get to know the ethnicities inhabiting the world.  


What is Salan?

Salan is a bronze-age fantasy world, exploring the lifes and cultures of the people living in it. Salan is primarily just my world building hobby, although I have written some stories set in it, and might publish some stories or set rpg campains in it later.

I hope you enjoy my articles too, and might find them inspirational for your own world building! :)  


Salan is a bronze-age high fantasy world with grey-dark tone. The setting is mostly urban. The most of the conflicts have to do with the interactions and conflicting interests of the different peoples of the world.

Article highlights

Links to recommended articles  

Languages of Salan

Languages of Salan is a guide to the conlangs of Salan.  


On the Shoulders of Giants challenge September 2022
The Wanderers were the ancient ancestors of the Farens who first arrived in the Plains.  

Ván of Sankai

Bard challenge January 2022
Ván of Sankai was a 6th century AFS explorer and poet, and the composer of the world-renown epic symphony The Songs of Kauteirin.  


Call of Cartography challenge March 2020
Yamenawa, the highland region of the Serme Mountains.  

Crescent Eruption

Black Years - Crescent Eruption was the most devastating catastrophe of the known history of Salan.

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