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The Faren lands, Nem: Farensal is the fertile lowland region surrounding the great rivers of the Southern Continent west of the Serme Mountains.   The region is mostly inhabited by the Farens, and most others have adopted the Faren language Nem (Faren language), which is the lingua franca of the area.


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Toggle map layers to discover hidden pins!   Farensal is a densely populated acricultural region. The natural landscape is dominated by the great rivers, most important of them Farinos (Silver Stream), Yeirinos, Ástinwánn (River Cross) and Yáninwánn. Forests are rare, and are mostly seen in the highlands of the eastern and southern edges of the region. Travelling along the river one would see mostly fields, dotted with settlement ranging from villages to grand city states.

The region is bordered by the Ocean in the north, River Yánwánn bordering the Tasalian lands in the north-east, Serme Mountains in the east, and the highlands and sadinian lands in the south and west.

There is no central rule in the area, but the various city states rule the lands in their immediate vicinity, and forge loose bonds with other states to guarantee the peace and trade relations.


The Farens arrived to the eastern areas of the region far in the Time of Wander. At this time, the area was still thick with ancient woods guarded by the Forest Giants. After driving away the giants in the Giant Wars, they settled the first grand cities near the rivers (the founding of Silford marking the year 0AFS). The great yields of the
fertile lands blessed the people with riches, that enabled a fast growth in population, leading to city states with hundreds of thousads of inhabitants

Around 300 AFS infighting between the city states of the core region sparked a period of migration, and settlement of new colonies further along the coast. Many of the local populations adapted the Faren language) and culture, much due to the skill of writing brought by the settlers.
by Unknown artist, Met museum
Daursan and Kauteirin on a ceramic vase. They are the mythical founders of Silford.
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