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Bonehold is a great fortress of the Stone Giants, dug in the mountains on the source of the Silver Stream). Within the city, are the Gates of Waumin, that lead to the Underworld, the realm of the Gods deep under the lands of Salan (World).  

Gates of the Underworld

According to the Faren myths, the Silver Stream was created when the Giants dug a tunnel so deep within the Mountains, that they accidently poked a hole into the Underworld, and let loose the waters of the deep. On this spot the giants build Great gates to protect the passage.

This tunnel is the only known physical passage from the mortal realms to the Underworld. It famously was the route the Hero Ásinnar used on her travel to the Underworld, but it has also been the source of many terrible Monsters that have been released on earth from the land of the dead.


The king of the Stone Giants is Femur, the biggest and strongest of them all. After finding the passage to the Underworld, he forcefully married Anda Tuim (a Faren river goddess) and together they produced the powerful race of the stone giants inhabiting the city. The giants of the realm are under the spell of the RIver Mother, and thus obey every command of their king.
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