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Stone Giants

Stone giants are a group of Giants, that live most prevalently in the mountainous regions of the Southern Continent. They live in mountaineous regions of Salan, digging their tunnel fortresses deep inside the mountains. They are usually only seen by mortals when they come out to raid the human settlements in the Man Flesh Hunts.


Major language groups and dialects

Stone giants are known to speak various human languages, which they seem to learn with ease. Not much is known of their own language, but hum and growl to each other in foreign ways, which seems to be their native form of communication.

Culture and cultural heritage

Compared to the forest giants, the stone giants are more social, and their culture could be described as more defined. While most forest giants live a solitary life wandering the woods, stone giants live in clans and tunnel cities into the mountains. From there they make hunting trips and raids to the surrounding lands, to obtain food, clothes, luxury products and shiny riches.


Gender Ideals

Giants don't seem to have genders, at least visible to the human observer. It is unknown if they can reproduce with their own kind, but all giants seem to prefer taking mates of other races, such as men or Spirit beings. Giants don't have great relationship skills, so the mates are often forced to join them.
Encompassed species
Related Organizations

Builders of the early cities

The Stone Giants established the earliest known kingdoms on the Southern Continent. While the humans were still travelling around in tribes, they had been living in their stone fortresses for ages, gradually establishing a sphere of influence and control over the surrounding raiding lands.   Then some of these giant kings decided to take a more direct control of their human subjects, and became the direct rulers of these tribes, enjoying a monopoly of all of their produce. It is believed, that this influence from the giants directly influenced the large-scale human settlement directly after the Giant Wars.

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22 Aug, 2022 21:48

Interesting Giants. I'm curious about the culture and values - I tend to get into that with my world. Good work! As you observe in the Wordgirl chat - your giants share some traits with the Grindylow of my world. See Grindylow generally follow a counting coup method of leadership and mate selection (the old caveman knock out the cave woman and drag her away meme)- but a female Grindylow might do that with a male or female that she likes. ( Borrowed from a web cartoon where a female Goblin hits an elf male over the head with a club and announces that he is now her husband.).