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Southern Continent

Sama suomeksi täällä!   The Southern continent is the main landmass in the Southern hemisphere of the Salan (World).  


Farens are the biggest ethnic group on the continent. They inhabit the Faren Lowlands around the Silver Stream on the Western parts of the continent, but their culture has had high influence on the inhabitants of the Eastern parts too.   The Serme Mountains' Northern region, Yamenawa is mostly under the influence of the Mountain kingdom of the Ara people. The second biggest ethnicity are the Saial farmers and fishers. The Southern mountains are inhabited by hunter-gatherer peoples.

The Great Plains has a sparse population of pastoralists. The coastal region of Pillar Mountains is inhabited by the Caač people of hunter-gatherers.   Zeribian traders and fishermen can be found around the coastal cities and the Silver Stream.


Southern Continent

the Serme Mountains divide the continent in half from north to south. The western half is consists of the Faren Lowlands around the Silver Stream and other great rivers. On the eastern side begin the dry wastelands of the The Great Plains and the Pillar Mountains.


  • Southern Continent
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NgZ: Nefeš beđ ze 'the dry land'
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