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Aradwen, sometimes Ardawána, is a borderland between the plains of Farensal, Serme Mountains, and the Çaus peninsula. This region has been the melting pot of different cultures since the prehistoric times.  


The terrain of the region alternates between the valleys with a fruitful temperate climate, and the cooler grassy hills between them. The hills make the region fragmented and hard to travel. Because of this, there has never been a single ruler ruling over the whole region, but rather the geography promotes individual competing city states.

The traditional culture is in many ways quite different from that of Farensal, but the Farens have influenced the region greatly especially since the invention of writing spread the standard Nem dialect to the region.  


The most of the native inhabitants of Aradwen identify as Farens. However, Aradwen is characterised by its local Eastern Nem dialect, which can be alternatively classified as a transitional dialect of Nem and Aradal, or an independent daughter language of Proto-Ara-Faren.  


In the end of the Time of Wander the region was the borderland between the cultures of the Stone Giants and the Forest giants, and battlefield of the Giant Wars. At the time, its inhabitants were still mostly practising earlier Wanderer culture, and the area represented unclaimed territory ripe for conquering for the city-building Highlanders. The first known city in the region was Artana, founded by Kaminbanda, one of the Holders of the Skyswords.

In the early centuries after the Founding of Silford, the region resisted the spread of the Faren culture, causing conflicts with Silford and it's allied city states. Later it has become the borderland between the Faren, Ara and Tasalian cultures.
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