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Serme Mountains

Sama suomeksi täällä!   The mountains running south to north roughly in the middle of the Southern Continent .


Yamenawa - Mountain Kingdom 2.1
  The Western slopes of the mountains have huge rivers, most notably the Silver Stream, whose valleys are densely populated by Fareans farmers. In the North the Serme Mountains extend far to the sea, emerging out of it as the Irin i heš 'Snake's Back' Islands. The Serme Mountains and Islands cause a rain shadow on the Eastern slopes of the Mountains. The Eastern coast is an arid karst wasteland, the Pillar Mountains. Further inland the rock pillars give a way to the flat Great Plains dominated by nomad tribes.  

Climate & Demographics

The Northern Serme Mountains are populated by the Sermardans, a people distantly related to Fareans. Despite being subtropical, the high peaks are frozen almost all year round, and the incoming monsoon winds create heavy snowfall that feeds the huge streams travelling down the slopes.   The Southern highlands are inhabited by pastoralists and hunter-gatherers. The locals often attack any traders trying to travel accross the continent by land.
Alternative Name(s)
In Nem: Sermardan
Mountain range
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