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Highland Army

The Highland Army is one of the main factions fighting in the Giant Wars. Their goal in the war was to drive away the tribes controlled by the forest giants, and to exercise the control of the free human cities on the Lowlands .  


The army consisted of many troops gathered from the different highland cities. The troops were lead by human commanders, but they worked closely with the Stone Giants, that were supplying them with bronze weapons and other military equipment. One of the most well known highland commanders was Farinwél.  

Counter views

The lowland tribes saw the highlanders as invaders, that were attacking peaceful towns, burning the grazing grounds, and driving the tribes away from their inherited lands. Their culture and way of life was foreign, and the lowlanders did not wish to live bound in cities, under the rule of the stone giants like they did.  


The highland army was disbanded, when all the human troops joined their forces in the turning point of the Giant Wars to drive away the giants. Finally the war ended and peace returned in the lands after the giants were driven away, but ever since the foot of the Serme Mountains has been a conflict zone between the distinct lowland and highland cultures.
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The highlanders were a group of Proto-Ara-Faren speakers and indigenous highlanders that were inhabiting the Serme Mountains during the Time of Wander. They were the first humans to settle in cities, taking inspiration from the Stone Giants that were inhabiting the same lands. They were later proud of being the last free humans, that had resisted the Giants' direct control, even though they were paying the tribute to them.

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