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Mountain goat

The mountain goats are a type of wild goat, that lives in the highland meadows of the Serme Mountains.  

Anatomy and morphology

Mountain goats are larger and have bigger horns than the common domestic goat. They are known especially from their majestic large horns. Their thick coat provides excellent protection against the cool mountain air. They grow thicker coat in the winter, which falls in the spring. The coat is generally coarse, and the quantity of the softer undercoat is unsuitable for textile production. They are generally timid animals, but can get dangerous if cornered.  


The wild goats were once wide-spread all over the whole continent, but due to competition with the domestic goats and agriculture, they are now mostly encountered in sparsely inhabited highlands. They eat a great variety of different plants, thus surviving even in the areas where the vegetation is sparse and domestic goat herding is less viable.  


The does give birth to one or two kids in the spring. The kids are able to walk right after birth, which is essential for their survival againts the predators.   The mountain goats can reproduce with the domestic goats. Although this is uncommon in the wild, crosses between the wild goat and the domestic goat are sometimes made by people. The offspring is generally larger than the domestic goat, but has much better temperament than the wild goats. These crosses are sought after for pack goats used for carrying large burdens.  


The goats are commonly preyed on by the wolves and lions. On the highest mountains their principle threat are the mountain dragons. They hunt by flying high to the clouds, and then ambushing their prey on the bare mountain slopes that offer no places to hide.  

Human influence

The goats are commonly hunted by the mountain-dwelling peoples. They are used for meat and skins, but especially their large horns are priced compared to the smaller and less impressive horns of the domestic goats.

It is commonly believed, that the wild goats are the herds of the gods, and especially Áfawarsal the Weaver, and that Áfawarsal uses their wool to weave the threads of fate that bind all people.  

Power symbolism

Wild goats are the symbol of power in the Ara culture. The goats are though to be intelligent and proud animals. They travel fearlessly in the perilous mountains, climbing up to the highes peaks to greet the gods and spirits that live there, especially the sun god Tinku. This symbolises the relationship between Áfawarsal the Weaver and Tinku, and this is why goat is the sacred animal of Áfawarsal.
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