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Áfawarsal (god)

Áfawarsal 'the Holy Weaver' is one of the most central Ara divines and a minor divine of the Faren pantheon. However, she is originally a Saial deity.  


Áfawarsal is a late Proto-Ara-Faren form of her name, showing already some Saial influence on the Highland branch, but not the later f>p sound change of the branch. She is known as Aip’awarõl in Saial Tal. In modern Aradal her name is Ápawarsal or Aipawarsal, and in Nem (Faren language) Áfawarsal, or occasionally Áfawár (where '-ar' belonging to the Aradal word fawar 'cloth' is reinterpreted as fawa 'cloth' + ár 'agent suffix')   The origin of p'awa~fawa for 'cloth' in both Saialic and Ara-Faren is unclear, however, it has been suggested as an early Saialic loan for the AF proto-language, possibly transmitted along with the trade of superior Saial handicrafts.  


She is the weaving goddess of fate who holds the strings of human life in her hands. She is also the protector of homes. The deterministic teachings of her followers are very central in the general mindset of the people of the Serme Mountains. In the Ara pantheon she is represented as the divine partner of the sun god Tinku. Their partnership symbolises the joining of the Ara and Saial peoples.

Tenets of Faith

Follow you thread
  Everyone has their own predetermined part in the great fabric of life. No one can choose the destiny they are given, but if one learns to know their own piece of thread, they can learn how to weave the best of their faith.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

She is mostly a passive observer deity, who doesn't want to infer with the world much, but might reveal visions to her faithful.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Áfawarsal (god)


Towards Tinku (god)

Tinku (god)


Towards Áfawarsal (god)

Divine Classification
Tinku (god) (spouse)


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Nov 5, 2022 18:04

The linguistic variation is an interesting touch. How does the deterministic destiny mindset manifest? How do followers know what their thread is? As a weaver, she is not going to be quite a passive observer - the weaver sets the pattern and choses where the threads of different types go. Unless she is more a spinner - just making the threads of different colors and thickness or texture. Much more control than a story teller where the characters may make take their own unintended paths.

Nov 5, 2022 23:51

Glad you liked it too, I just had to write my thoughts down during Nanowrimo before I forgot what my own thinking was :D I imagine that the Mountain Kingdom promotes a collective and hierarchical mindset, where everyone needs to do their own part for the good of the society, and there is little space for social movement. One would know their thread by asking the gods, or more likely listening to what the elders have to say. But I hope to discover mush more during the writing I'm doing this month! Thanks for some though-provoking question! :)

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