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In a world ruled over by the Gods and the Giants,
can the different human cultures unify despite their differences
and rise to prosperity?

Please start from the Introduction to Salan for a quick tour!
You can read my articles in English or Finnish! (The English articles are currently in much better shape).   I'm currently developing the prehistory of Salan, focused on the Heroic twins Daursan and Kauteirin, and their quest on defeating the Giants overlords, that rule over the early human nations.
Salan is a Bronze Age high fantasy world. My main focus, stemming from my eduction in anthropology, is on the interactions and cultural differences of the various people living in it. Salan is the setting of my novel project, but I'm mostly world building just for fun :)   Salan is a mid-dark world, and much of the content is focused around themes of discrimination.
Global CW for slavery.