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Memorial Stele of 200 AFS

The Memorial Stele of 200 AFS is the oldest surviving record of the Nem script that contains an unambiguously written date. While older inscriptions are very likely to exist, they cannot be conclusively dated, making this officially the oldest Faren inscription.


The stele was originally erected in the center of Silford, as a memorial of the Founding of the city, supposedly right on the spot, where Daursan and Kauteirin decided to found the city. The memorial was later forgotten, until it was rediscovered during the building of the new Senate House, after the original was destroyed in a fire c. 290 AFS. The scholars then realised its significance, and the stele was conserved and reerected near the Senate House. The name of the official, who sponsored the stone, has been erased. This seems to indicate, that the monument was defaced and buried purposefully, probably soon after it was erected.  


by Tuisku
The inscription in Nem script
Dursan ná Kwateirin
yentes Fargini salgadan
welelit 200 (8x25) lairinei
waskatairini nelled
kaya yente salgad.

  Daursan and Kauteirin
founded Silford here
XX, in his 4th year of consulship
celebrated the 200th anniversary of the city
by sponsoring goat-racing games
and erecting this monument


Literary analysis

The text is rather simple and mundane. The interesting details are the existance of goat-racing as a sport, rather that just a military practise, already during this time, and the preserved title of the leader, although their name is unfortunately erased.

The text reflects some writing conventions of old Nem, for example, the names of Daursan and Kauteirin are written as Dursan and Kwateirin. Consul, yánalte abbraviated as ÁA probably reflects an older spelling and pronunciation of yán as á-i-n rather than later i-á-n yán.
Memorial / War Memorial

Linguistic gloss

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Dursan ná Kwateirin
Daursan and Kauteirin
'Daursan and Kauteirin'

yent-es Fargin-i salga-d-an
this.LOC Fargin-ACC place-PST-3PL
'Founded Silford here'

XX 4 telpe áinalte-lit
XX 4 year consul-COM
'Being the consul for the 4th year'

wele-lit 200 (8x25) lair-in-ei
city-COM 200 celebrate-INF-ABL
'For the 200th anniversary of the city'

waskatair-in-i nelle-d
goat.race-INF-ACC give-PST.3SG
's/he offered goat racing'

kay-a yente salga-d
stone-ACC this place-PST-3SG
's/he placed this stone'


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Jul 28, 2023 00:16 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

In depth conlang stuff is always fun. I am very intrigued by goat-racing. :D And the fact the name is defaced.

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Your articles are always so interesting and the conlang depth is a great enhancer of flavor.