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Founding of Silford

The Founding of Silford was a major cultural event for the people who would be known as the Farens. This happened as the conclusion of the Giant Wars, and marked the ending of the rule of the Giants, and the spread of the city-living Highlander culture to the heartland of Farensal.

The earliest record of the date stem from 200AFS, when known monuments celebrating the 200th anniversary of the event were constructed. No contemporary evidence from the founding has survived, because the writing was only invented in Silford later.  

Silford count

Silford count is the most widespread unified system of timekeeping in Salan. According to the tradition, the founding marks the beginning of year 1AFS, first year After the Founding of Silford, and all the years prior are noted as Before the Founding of Silford, or BFS.

The Silford Count is especially used by the historians to correlate event happening in different city states, and using different timekeeping systems. Silford count is also used officially in Silford. The system is opposed by many scholars in the traditional enemy cities of Silford, and various more neutral counting systems have been proposed, but they haven't been able to replace it.  

In mythology

According to the tradition, Silford was founded by Daursan and Kauteirin. After the war the people were free for the first time, but did not know where to go, now that their leaders the giants were gone, and the brothers decided to found a new city on the banks of Farinos. However, they could not decide which twin should be the ruler, Kauteirin the wise, or Daursan the strong hero of the war. This was already about to rip the people apart again, when the twins decided to ask an old man passing by to decide who should be the ruler. The old man thought for a while, and then said: "me". Because this was the will of the Gods, the old peasant became the first ruler, and this is why Silford has always been ruled by its people.
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