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Salan (World)

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Southern Continent
The main regions of Salan are the Continent, and the Eastern Islands bordering it to the north. the Serme Mountains divide the continent in half from north to south. The western half consists of the Faren Lowlands around the Farinos (Silver Stream) and other great rivers. On the eastern side begin the dry wastelands of the Great Plains and the Pillar Mountains. These lands are populated only sparsely, and the Farens don't have much contact with them. To the south of the plains are the highlands of the Sadinians but these lands are not well-known.   To the north of the continent are the Eastern Islands, the tropical islands where the Zeribian race of fishermen and pirates live.    


The skies of Salan are illuminated by three lights, the Sun, and the Red and Silver Moon. The Sun is the chief of the three, and he is assosiated with many principal divines: Naralte and Lord of the night and day of the Farens, Tinku of the Ara people and Usahdeg of the Zeribians. According to the Sun, the year of Salan is 320 days.

The Silver Moon is the larger of the brothers. He illuminates the night with his bright silver-white light, and his phases take 35 days to complete, which is the common lenght of the month. He is the Lord of the deep waters, because the tides rise and fall on his command. Farens associate him with Ulalte, and Zeribians worship him as Feren Lord of the Sea, who is their principal deity.

The smaller of the moons is the Red Moon, and his light is dim red. His phases take 44 days, and the phases control the wild magic of Salan. He is the lord of hidden powers and secrets, and the Zeribians worship him as Haššiw.

Under Salan are the deep waters, the land of the death which the Farens name Waumin. This is the place, where the souls go once they Fade from the world of the living.  


It is believed, that once in the distant past when the sun was born, the two moons started melting. The Silver Moon produced the seas of Salan, which is why the tides still rise and set with the moon. The Red Moon rained down blood, which mixed with the soil and created life. This is why the red moon is connected with the life force and magic.


Salan is a Nem (Faren language) word meaning 'all the lands' or 'all the countries' (plural of sal 'land, country'). This makes the word inherently plural in Nem, but it is used here in English as a singular name.


The History of Salan is divided into two eras: BFS (Before the Founding of Silford) and AFS (After the Founding of Silford).

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