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Naralte, the Heavenly Lord, Lord of the Sky, is an influential god in the Faren pantheon. Naralte has a dual role, he is the personification of the divine power, and on the other hand the godly personification of the sun. The focus of different cults is different, but his former role seems to be the most important.  


Naralte was one of the three gods that came to existance in the beginning: the Sun, the Silver Moon and the Red Moon. The Sun became jealous of his two brothers, wanting to be the sovereign ruler of the world. Thus he decided to murder his brothers by melting them with his heat. When the Silver Moon melted, it became water which reigned on Salan, and when the Red Moon melted, it became blood. The two liquids mixed with the soil, creating life.   The two Moon Brothers were forced to forever avoid the day. The Silver Moon became the Lord of the Night and the Land of the Dead, Waumin. The Red Moon became the Lord of Secret Powers, the patron of magic.

Related divines

He is often associated with the West Islander supreme god Lord of the Day and Night, although both their worship and representations are quite different. He is also often though to be equivalent to Ara Sun God Tinku (god), and sometimes even Zeribian Sun God Usahdeg (god).


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