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West Islander

West Islanders are a subset of Farens that moved to the Der Fem Island and established the Republic of Free West Island.


Major language groups and dialects

West Islanders are originally speakers of Nem Ressalit, but especially after the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem, the remainder of them have been switching into Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language).

Culture and cultural heritage

The culture of Der Fem is a syncronism of Faren and Zeribian culture. They have both adopted each others' practices, and on the other hand purosefully set themselves apart from The Others.
The West Islander culture is also different from the mainland Faren culture because they were a selective part of the general Faren population.   -state-organised and owned trade -> heavy control on people
-The Faren religion & culture includes many Zeribian and native elements absent on the mainland
-> religious extacy mostly absent from Faren practices.
-Zeribians took a more hostile attitude towards homosexuality in responce to it's high incidence among the West Islanders.

Shared customary codes and values

The founders of West Island were fed up with the inefficient democracies of the mainland, where every desicion had to run through different stages of byrocracy for months. They decided to elect a king to take care of business.

Common Myths and Legends

The West Islanders are featured in the Zeribian fable of the The Impotent Scribe.
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