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Sun Cult

This is the main cult of the Republic of Free West Island. It is currently lead by A Religious Leader.   The religion is centered around the worship universal god-force that manifests in a monotheistic-like manner. In the center of the cult is the High Priest who is the primary mediator between the divine and the people.   The Cult is working closely with the government of the Republic of Free West Island. The cult has assumed some governmental functions from the Republic. For example during the 700s AH the The Travelling Inquisition of the cult is able to overwrite the judgements made by the government's juridictive branch (the local courts).


The priesthood of the Sun Cult is intervined with the government of the Republic. The officials and priests go through the same basic traning, later specializing in different functions such as governmental scribes or judges or more religious-like astrologists or haruspexes.   The exact level of power of the cult and the Republic is fluctuating, sometimes the cult being stronger than the government, and thus the High Priest being the principal leader of the country. The Cult is not directly responsible to the Republic, but their relationship works more through a dialogue where the needs of both sides need to be respected. This system is beneficial for the Republic, because the shared religion keeps the country more united and more easily governed. In response the cult gets its share of the earthly power and the status as a state religion, but doesn't have to handle all the work.     There could be a symbolic marriage between the high priest and the king/queen following some kind of divine example.
Religious, Organised Religion
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