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The Travelling Inquisition

The travelling Inquisition is the highest authority administering justice in the Republic of Free West Island, right below the Queen herself. They travel between the different settlements on the island, solving court cases. The arrival of the inquisition is exiting for the common people. Many festivities are held while they stay, to please the judges.The common people wait exitedly for all the juicy rumors that will surface! It's also a great change to get a revenge from your long time adversary!

The main purpose of the inquisition is to unify the court system of the Republic, because any cases solved by the local courts can be brought to them to reconsider. They can also judge the people in charge of the local courts. A side misson is to root out any heretic or revolutionist ideas that might be thriving in the countryside. The judges are important established judges coming from the capital New Tower.

When they arrive, they ask people to either confess their crimes or to bring any unsolved cases before them. The court cases are handled behind closed doors, so the cases handled are not publicly known before the judgement is announced in the final gathering. Then the people get to hear who is being accused of what, and if they were proven quilty. Most exiting it is if someone is being executed, whichwould usually take place on the spot.

The inquisition is techically not a vehicle, but they make up a whole caravan. The judges travel either carried by servants or on boats. They are accompanied by dozens of servants, personal cooks and other staff, and a ton of equipment.
Owning Organization
After the reforms of the current leader of the West Island State Religion, the inquisition doesn't usually handle cases that are between Zeribians. Accusations of Zeribians offending citizens and any major offences are handled normally. This reform was issued to superficially stenghten the Zeribian self government, gain support from the Zeribian traditionalists who were starting to become a problem for the integrity of the Republic.

This is my submission for Summer Camp 2020 prompt "Describe a vehicle in your world that brings joy wherever it arrives."


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