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A Religious Leader (name to be determined)

She is the current the current High Priest of the Sun Cult She is worshipped as the reincarnation of the sun god, and is the primary mediator between the divine and the people.   She is an an older woman, probably around her 50s. She has long, grey slighty curly hair, and wise looking wrinkles on the face. Her ceremonial costume is a heavy multi-layered, very colourful dress. On her head she carries a golden plate resembling the sun's disk. The high priest would usually only appear during rituals high above the poeple and travel carried in a veiled carrier. She is unusually conserned about the followers and goes pretty frequently to meet with the commoners of the people.   She is good, charismaric leader. Unlike her predecessors, she is trying to stabilize the Republic by taking the Zeribian minority and their needs better into account. This has made her gain support of the traditionalist Zeribian leaders to some degree. Doing this, however, is angering the Faren revolutionist forces, who want to get rid of the Republic altogether, and are planning to use the discrimination of the Zeribians to ignite some flames.     She might be transferring some more juridictive rights to the Zeribian community. So the Zeribians can handle their own cases according to their own traditions. This pleases the traditionalists, but means trouble for the Faren-minded Zeribians who are quite comfortable living according to the Faren customs.    
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She is going to be murdered by the rebellious members of the Counter Culture. Her murder is probably going to make the curent king (younger and unwise) pretty angry, and he is going to make some irresponsible choises in responce.
      She, as the High Priest, is in a ritualistic marriage with the current King of the Republic of Free West Island. This, however, is purely symbolic. The high priest probably doesn't have another marriage, but it's not totally out of question either. In general the high priest is assumed to dedicate their life to the service of the cult, and discard their own eartly desires, but the extent of this is fluctuating over time.

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