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Republic of Free West Island

The Republic of Free West Island was a former Faren political power that ruled the Der Fem, then known as the West Island.


The Republic of West Island was founded by Faren settlers seeking to find independence from their cities of origin. The Republic was formed on the basis of democracy and peace, but quickly developed into a heavily controlled theocracy.


The Republic fell in the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem 800-820AH. The Republic had celebrated its 300-year-old independence only years before the unrest began.

Demography and Population

The first inhabitants
The original inhabitants of the island were the Natives of the Eastern Islands, but they were never granted citizenship when the settlers from the Southern Continent founded the Republic. Their population was always largest outside the large towns and major agricultural area.   Farens
Most of the citizens of West Island are Farens moving from the mainland. Many of them were traders. Many were poorish farmers that were looking for new farmlands. Many were unpopular politicians leaving their home states.   Zeribians
Zeribians had already occasionally traded with the native inhabitants, and established trade relations with the newly found kingdom. The trade became the backbone of the economy of the kingdom. A large wave of Zeribians moved on the Island during the Black Years (621-623AH) when the refugees from the Crescent Eruption and the following famine were searching for new lands. Despite the Republic's best efforts in limiting their rights, Zeribians slowly became the majority especially in the South-Western parts of the island around North Islet.

The West Islanders also kept a number of Zeribian and native slaves (sometimes Faren), slaves, that they aquaired through the trade with Zeribians.

Foreign Relations

Despite being an important center of foreign trade, or maybe because of that, the Republic was politically very isolating. The Republic had complicated relations with the continental cities it gained independence from (for example Silford). The West Islanders critisised the continental city states for being scattered and inefficient, while the continent saw the Republic as abusive of its citizens.   Similarly the West Islanders didn't want anything to do with the foreign gods and practices of the Zeribians. It ruled with assimilating and excluding politics towards the people of different views.   The other geopolitical powers were depended on the trade with the West Island, and were therefore willing to agree with it for centuries.

494 - 800

Geopolitical, Country
'rettara' West Islander
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Major Exports
Metals, especially tin and copper. Wood to Southern Continent.
Major Imports
Quality wine from the Silver Stream valley. Exotic fruit and spices from the Eastern Islands.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
Organization Vehicles
Related Ethnicities


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