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Crescent Island

Sama suomeksi täällä   Crescent is one of the most influential Eastern Islands, and the most prominent religious center for the Zeribians. Crescent is the most important island of the island chain Moons.  


by Pierre-Jacques Volaire
The Crescent Eruption 620AH
Crescent was settled very early on and it's cities already had a high population when the island's volcano erupted 620AH. The grand eruption destroyed all life on the island and sank most of the land into the sea. The eruption caused volcanic winter, and famine all around Salan. The island was uninhabited for decades, until the sacred caves in the caldera were found, and the island became a religious center.   The caves were discovered by an expedition lead be an Zeribian noble from the Tyršan ('Strong arm') house. He was later crowned the first king of Crescent under the name Ufemneggrish Senet 'He has found the sacred caves', establishing the current Tyršan dynasty on the island. However, the true ruler of Crescent is the priesthood.


Almost all of the inhabitants of Crescent are Zeribians. The original Native population was destroyed by the eruption, and they never returned in significant numbers. Because Crescent is a religious center, they are reluctant to allow any foreigners on the island.


Crescent island is a remnant of an old volcano left behind by the devastating eruption 620AH. It's composed of the main island, Large Moon or Crescent, and the Small Moon that's mostly covered by the sea. Only the low tides will reveal the sacred cave network hidden on the Small Moon.   Crescent City is located on the Southern edge of the island, surrounded by a lush countryside, while the most of the Northern island is rocky, uninhabitable volcanic wasteland.   The caldera around the Small Moon is considered sacred and is forbidden zone for all exept the priesthood. During the religious rituals they will travel to the sunken Caves of the Gods that lead to deep beneath the sea to the heart of the volcano. Maybe there in the underworld they will find a connection to the magic that is fading from the world of Salan?

Fauna & Flora

The grand eruption destroyed most of the life on the island, and there is thus only few animals apart form birds and sea life, and what was brought there by the people.
by Tuisku
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NgZ : Šyruk
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