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Old Moon (City state)

The state of Moons governing Crescent before the Eruption of 620-622 AH


The City state was lead by a hereditary king from the elite class. The priesthood was nearly as powerful as the king.


The state was destroyed in the Crescent Eruption, and most of the leaders seeked refuge away from the Moons.   The final downfall started 618 AH when the Plague struck the city. The plague wiped out nearly quarter of the population, and many important nobles died, including the crown prince. The signes showed that the patron god of the city, the volcano god Sahar was angry. The nobles made a grand offering valuables and even human sacrifices to the volcano. But the god was not calmed, rather he became more angry. The volcano finally erupted fall 620AH, destroying the whole island.   The leaders of the old city state were scattered as refugees all over the Eastern Islands. They were thought to be cursed, and their arrival was seen as a bad omen. In Der Fem Island the refugees received a new name, Šiwke or Blacksail and they formed a new great house, Šiwke, abandoning any previous family ties and disputes.

Demography and Population

The Old Moon had a strong presence of the natives. The peasants were of mixed ethnicity. The elites formed only a fraction of the population.


They folllow the Zeribian polytheism. One of their state gods was the volcano god Sahar.

Agriculture & Industry

The volcanic soil meant that the Old Moon was one of the most fertile parts of the Eastern Islands.

unknown (inhabited before written history) - 620

Geopolitical, City-state
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Palace economy
No currency. The Silver Crescents were not in use yet.
Judicial Body
The elder elite citizens.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories


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