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Tyršan (Zeribian Great House)

Tyršan is a Zeribian Great House. They are the House currently ruling Crescent (city state).   The House was originally influential on Washleng, but became the ruling House of Crescent after the The Black Years (Crescent Eruption) that destroyed the Old Moon (City state). They legitimate their claim to the throne by claiming, that Šamžan Wašul the son of Tyršan Zarnga was the legitimate heir of the last king Ustetur-Sahar Šamžan, after the prince Šamžan Senet arranged for the murder of his father (according to the Tyršan's version of the events.) Thus after Šamžan Wašul died heirless, the throne should have passed to the closest male relatives in the House Tyršan.
Geopolitical, Great house
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities
The family tree of Šamžan Wašul

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