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Tyršan Zarnga

Tyršan Zarnga is a Zeribian Lady of the house Tyršan (Zeribian Great House), known for being the wife of Šamžan Saharwiš and the mother of Šamžan Wašul.     She was born 593 AH, and grew up on South Washleng until being married to the younger brother of Ustetur-Sahar Šamžan the King of the Moons (City state) at the age of fifteen. The next year, 609 AH, she gave bith to her firstborn, Šamžan Wašul. Four years later she was pregnant the second time, but the pregnancy was very hard, and the daughter was stillborn. After that her doctors said she was unable to become pregnant again. She was then widowed 618 AH, when her husband died in an early outbreak of the Black Years' Plague. After the Crescent Eruption she travelled to Wašleng with the prince Šamžan Senet, and has been accused of being part of his assassination in the winter of 620.  

Family relations

Zarnga was bitter of being sent alone to live in marriage into another island with a husband much older than her, and their marriage was never very happy. She was close with the king's wife who comforted the younger girl like a mother when she arrived, but was teased by the young prince Senet. She also liked the king who was older and wise, until the madness of the plague caught him.   Her son Wašul was the most important thing for her life, probably at least partly because the success of his song represented her only chance of gaining power to herself.


Tyršan Zarnga


Towards Šamžan Saharwiš

Šamžan Saharwiš


Towards Tyršan Zarnga

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